Anneloes Groot, Ellen Vos, Bank, 1986

Actually, the idea was that you could sit on this bench on both sides. One side overlooking the - [...]

Henk Krijger, White swans, black swans, 1962

White swans, black swans, Who will sail with me to England, England is closed, The key is [...]

Eric Boot, Untitled (plastic)

After World War II the housing shortage was also very high in The Hague. A great deal of additional construction took place in the Southwest. In the mid-fifties, [...]

Jan Snoeck, Three ceramic plastics, 1972

A group of enthusiastic residents of The Hague's Escamp neighborhood dedicated themselves for years to the preservation and visibility of works of art in [...].

M.C. Escher, Pegasus, 1961

Who wouldn't want a real Escher on their wall? The Vrijzinnig-Christelijk Lyceum (VCL) in The Hague even owns one of the few, [...]

Jan Snoeck, Untitled, 2003

"The essence of my work is its poetic nature and beyond that I absolutely don't want to make things more weighty than they are": that [...]

Jan Snoeck, Untitled, 1979

There it sits cozily next to the temporary entrance to Westeinde Hospital. It could easily also be a side, or a hen.

Leontine Lieffering, Loci e imagine, 1994

Silence descends upon you as soon as you pass through the monumental classical gate located at the intersection of Duinstraat and [...].

Cornélie Caroline van Asch van Wijck, Repent, 1927/2014

Young she was, a woman and a sculptor. At the beginning of the 20th century, that combination was definitely not a recipe for recognition and success.

Frits van den Eeden, Guardian Angel, 1966

Head bent far forward, balancing on one foot: this is how the bronze figure on the narrow concrete pedestal towers above you on the [...].

André van Lier, Discus Thrower, 1994

Anyone driving on the Finnenburg toward Mariahoeve Station in The Hague will see a meter-high bright blue arch on which a silver [...]

Artist unknown, Loam Man, 2009/2012

"Hello, I am the Loam Man. I come and sit across from you and if you want to say anything to me, you can email me." [...]

Leen Blom, Child with bird, 1955

The one-and-a-half-meter-tall statue "Child with Bird" placed in 1955 next to a school building on Jacob de Graefflaan underscores that [...]

Peter van der Meer, Girl, 1987

Jos van Riemsdijk, Crabbing rooster, 1960

Peter van der Meer, Clown, 1985 and 2011

Effortlessly, he keeps three balls in the air at once. This jolly clown is not only in for a joke, he can still juggle [...].

Krijn Christiaansen, Jeroen Bruls, Fence Air, 2005

Fence-air, fence-air. This curious and imaginative word turns out to be the name of an innovative utensil. Designers Jeroen Bruls and Krijn Christiaansen [...]

Ingrid Mol, The Bird Club, 2005-2008

How do you give inspiration to a completely new neighborhood? In response to that question, Ingrid Mol wrote, as she often does in [...]

Arja van den Berg, Mermaid of the fields, 2005-2008

Biking or walking through Ypenburg, you will not only spot a variety of birds from the eaves or gables curiously observing passersby in the [....]

Tom Claassen, Yp, 2005-2008

In unexpected places you suddenly see it sitting there: a tiny bird. This figurine by Tom Claassen is located on the edge of the [...].

Douwe Halbertsma, Slack Swans, 2005-2008

It is a comical sight though, all those birds hanging over the eaves that Douwe Halbertsma has [...] on various houses scattered around Ypenburg.

Bert van Ommen, Open window, 2005-2008

It looks like a cheat sheet, or trompe l'oeil as it is chicly called: the enamel signs by Bert van Ommen that you can see in Ypenburg [....]

Jeroen Allart, Seagull, 2005-2008

For Kunst aan Huis, painter Jeroen Allart created a series of seven enamel signs featuring animals (a penguin, dog, woodpecker, horse, tern and [...]

Theo Schepens, Lead and follow, 2005

They look like acrobats. This is how the small human figures that Theo Schepens applied to the facades of some houses in Ypenburg tumble around [...].

Hester Oerlemans, Tribune, 2009

Three elongated rows of used crates. Each row one crate higher each time. Using these simple means, Hester Oerlemans created the schoolyard of the [...]

Andrew Stonyer, A sculpture for The Hague, 1988

The Hague has a city link with the Canadian city of Ottawa. When in the fall of 1988 a cultural presentation took place in the hofstad [...]

Armand van der Helm, Bears, 1963

Just outside the fence around Grote Beer elementary school is a pile of tumbling bears. Armand van der Helm is the sculptor [...]

Guus Hellegers, Clown with horn, 1968

Can the circus give rise to a different way of sculpting? Certainly. At least, that is true for Guus Hellegers. This sculptor and [...]

Fredy E. Wubben, Untitled, 1987

A monumental, bright white V-shape put Fredy E. Wubben on the Houtrust Bridge in the late 1980s. With a signal in red and yellow at the top.

Hans van Bentem, Room, 1999

Silence and concentration: that's usually what you first notice when you step into a library study room. No wonder of course, because [...]

Lotti van der Gaag, Wall relief, 1963

Usually artworks at schools are realized in places that are easily visible to the students. Not so with this wall relief. Lotti van der Gaag [...]

Gijs Assmann, Balloon child, 2013

New construction of the Johan de Wittcollege on the Capadosestraat in the Laak district prompted this art commission. The elongated building has the [...]

Dieter Ludwig, Abstract signs, Ca.1978

You can see them from far and near: the circle, the square, the triangle and the star shape that can be seen on the end walls of [...].

Henri Jacobs, Palimpsest, 2018

There, on Melis Stokelaan between Het Gulden Huis and Vrederustlaan, is Het Podium: a series of five apartment buildings with courtyard gardens on the [...].

Christa van Santen, Blockboard, 1965

"If you put art on a building, it has to have something to do with that building. Christa van [...] is the speaker.

Jacques van Rhijn, Ceramic reliefs, 1958

You don't see that often: a church building with an oval shape. And then the façade is also decorated with just [...].

Roel Buijs, Gate, 2016

Where once stood the Zuiderpark stadium of ADO Den Haag, a brand-new Sports Campus arose in 2017. The building by FaulknerBrowns Architects has a striking [...]

Yvonne Dröge Wendel, To Be To Gather, 2022

Wow, what an orange glow this sculpture has inside! On the outside it looks 'just' like a white cardboard tube. Carelessly folded [...]

Hubert van Lith, Asklepios, 1960

What is that seated man with the hoses doing there above the entrance to that monumental building on Sport Avenue? The smallest one wriggles unruly around a [...]

Leo Brom, Sacred Heart Statue, 1929

Joannes van der Horst had been their pastor for twenty-five years. The faithful of the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Ascension found this a reason to pay tribute.

Jorge Marín, Alas de Mexico (Wings of Mexico), 2019

Just turn around at the top of the stairs and you are ready for a perfect selfie for Instagram or Facebook. The giant bronze wings embrace you immediately. And [...]

Linette Dijk, The Hollow Men (Monument to the Refugee), 2021

When you look through someone, who is empty? The one you don't see or yourself? That is the thought that inspires this monument [...].

Adriaan Geuze, Waterfollie(s), 2001

What do you do when the square in front of your head office is deteriorating? Aegon opted for the flight to the front. In 1985, [...]

Henk Visch, There is no song about it

Mysterious and at the same time a little hesitant, he stands there at the entrance to Aegonplein. A bronze figure more than a man tall, without arms. He seems to be [...]

Peter Harskamp, Musician on the Meent II, 1992

He sits there, relaxed, strumming his guitar. Legs crossed, head bent towards the sound box of his instrument. You can hear [...]

Pieter Starreveld, Three pelicans, 1968

A gift to the board. That is what these three pelicans in bronze by Pieter Starreveld are. The staff of the Olveh (the Mutual Life Insurance Company Own Help [...]

Albert Diekerhof, Birds, 1957

"Art does not always have to be beautiful, as many people think. Art does have to be true, using obvious ugliness if necessary." [...]

Adrie Bruijs, Appie, 2012

In the night of Saturday 27 to Sunday 28 November 2011, a bronze statue on Appelstraat was stolen. That morning, local residents found [...]

Adrie Bruijs, Books Berlage, 2014

In 2014, the tribute to Berlage was to be located right at the head of the water of the Mient. On the side of the Valkenboskade. Three [...]

Igor Mitoraj, Light of the Moon, 1994

A large mask-like face. A fragment to be precise. Made of bronze with a dark green surface. That is striking, so on top of a white dune top. That [...]

Dirk Bus, Hans Reicher, Vigilance, Peace, War and Protection, 1953-1955

It is easy to walk past them. Four statues on metre-high hexagonal pillars. They are two men and two women, naked or almost naked, around 1954 [...].

Eric Claus, Owl Tree, 2000

He is well over eighty years old but still very productive and creative. You can't kill me. Despite my age, I still work [...].

Gerard Brouwer, Shopping, 1994

A timber merchant carrying a pile of planks on his shoulder, herring eaters, grazing cows, a mother with child, two ladies carrying groceries: they are all from the [...].

Titus Leeser, Nursing and healing, 1961

This afternoon a sculpture by Titus Leeser was placed at the entrance to the Red Cross Hospital on Fahrenheitstraat. It represents the healed patient, [...]

A.H. Planje, G. Knuttel, Memorial to Theo van Hoytema, 1923

What is now a small, intimate monument to The Hague draughtsman, lithographer, graphic designer Theo van Hoytema (1863-1917) originally looked different. How, that [...]

Huub Hierck, Untitled, Late 1960s

I like to work on different projects at the same time. One often inspires me to make a discovery in another area.'* With variety and diversity, The Hague was [...].

Hildo Krop, John Raedecker, Johan Polet, Architectural sculpture Beehive, 1924-1926

Bijenkorf is a household name. Originally established in Amsterdam by Simon Goudsmit in 1870 as an haberdashery shop, it grew into a luxury department store after 1900. The Hague [...]

Marcel van Zijp, Fishermen's names monument, 2013

Bert van der Toorn has recorded 1366 drowned fishermen from Scheveningen since he started his research in 2005. Of these 'survivors' he has recorded the name and age [...].

Wiepke van Dalsum-Wernick, Lotje, 1996

There are few lovelier scenes to think of than a young child completely absorbed in something. That certainly applies to 'Lotje'. This little girl with a [...]

David Bade, Fish of the Day, 2002

Some artists go about their business like a DJ. David Bade is one such artist. He cuts and copies bits of imagery from our everyday urban [...]

Fernando Sanchez Castillo, Reflection, 2018

Who does not know the impressive image of an almost naked man sitting on a boulder thinking. Hunched over, chin leaning [...]

Anton Broos, Torso, 1994

Like a graceful arch, 'Torso' by sculptor Anton Broos has stood at the foot of the Trekvliet Tower since 1994. In that year, the Keuringsdienst [...]

Artist unknown, Climbing slide hanging football curtain tube, 2006

As seemingly incalculable as its title, so is the object it names. The designer duo KapteinRoodnat developed a [...] for elementary school De Paradijsvogel.

Gerard van Remmen, Relief with animals, 1955

Real reconstruction art. That is what the six reliefs on the side wall of the apartment building on the corner of Leggelostraat and Melis Stokelaan are.

Frank Halmans, Scale model of reality, 2001

Scale model of reality'. When you read this title, the thought of being taken for a ride creeps up on you. But with this humorous [...]

S. Severijn, Gable end, 1882

It is a bit confusing. If you take a walk on the Marlot-Reigersbergen estate, you will find there, at the end of the Grand Canal, [...]

Marcel Prins, Monument for Forced Labourers, 1999

Operation Snowdrop. Under this almost poetic name, a raid was launched in The Hague in the early morning of 21 November 1944. All the [...]

Marijke de Goey, Monument to human error, 1989

Almost never do you see a bird in the sky change its mind, turn, go back'. This line of poetry by Judith Hertzberg from her collection 'Dagrest' (1984) can be [...]

Dick Loef, Phoenix, 1981

Moved from Newton Street to Kerkhoflaan near the entrance to the St. Peter's Banden R.C. cemetery, the statue actually now stands on a much [...]

Henk Visch, The threaded runner, 2005

High above the street and the greenery, a little man moves along on a thin cable. And he only does this when the sun is shining, [...].

Lex Meeussen, Awakening, 1941

Made on the occasion of the temporary exhibition 'Flowers and sculptures' in the Zuiderpark in 1941, the sculpture 'The awakening' came via the Carnegieplein in Clingendael.

Arno van der Mark, Jan van Grunsven, 301 steps (daylight/tungsten), 1998

Strange. On the Schenkkade, near the Siemens building, there is no ordinary light at night. It is blue. A closer look also reveals that [...]

Auke de Vries, Untitled, 1984

The seed for his sculpture lies in the Negev desert. Auke de Vries started making metal constructions there. They were not intended as independent works of art. With [...]

André Volten, Construction, 1964

Once, the statue of the internationally renowned sculptor stood on the lawn in front of the TNO-ZWO building. There, the horizontal stratification of the architecture resonated [...].

Lara Schnitger, This princess saves herself, 2021

Around this bronze statue, the words 'This princess saves herself' are written in silver letters. It could hardly be clearer. Time to get old-fashioned and [...]

Jan Snoeck, Relief and mosaic, 1965

The monumental wall decoration by Jan Snoeck that was installed in 1965 on the façade of the polder pumping station on the corner of Bezuidenhoutseweg and [...].

Huub Hierck, Metal object, 1968

Sometimes a work of art is undated. Like the sculpture by painter/sculptor Huub Hierck on the facade of The British School, the former photography school, on Tarwekamp.

Ferry Simonis, Untitled (Aerobic cubism), 1989

A series of light-blue cubes decorate the central reservation of the Reigersbergenweg. The maker, Ferry Simonis, grew up in Mariahoeve. This post-war neighbourhood was built according to the [...]

Renske Morks, Toddler on a tricycle, undated

At the Diamanthorst kindergarten, there is a bronze statue of a lost 'would-be explorer'. The jaunty toddler more or less accidentally resembles [...]

Jaroslawa Dankowa, Girl on suitcase, 1978

Self-assured, the girl that Jaroslawa Dankowa made for Mariahoeve Station is scanning the surroundings. She sits on her suitcase. Sideways and with a straight back.

Rein Draijer, Truncated tree, 1966

The truncated tree by Rein Draijer, which was placed in 1979 in the public garden in front of the then Thorbecke Comprehensive School, makes it clear at a glance that the [...].

Aart van den IJssel, Sun, 1961

A flaming sun in bronze adorns the wall of the Kennedy School. The powerful, agile rays spread out from two circles placed inside each other. In [...]

Matthijs van Dam, Spatial shading, 1981

Actually, they always worked together: the Amsterdam native Matthijs van Dam and the Hague native Peter Jansen. Their different backgrounds (one was originally a designer [...]

Shinkichi Tajiri, The Square Knot, 1986

Somewhere in 1967 he made his first 'Knot'. With this series of sculptures and with his 'Warriors', the Japanese-American artist Shinkichi Tajiri gained worldwide [...].

Joop Beljon, Object group with cascade (Monument Rijkswaterstaat), 1970

If you follow the traffic on the Koningskade, you only see a glimpse of the gigantic concrete pylons in front of the Rijkswaterstaat building. Those who see more [...]

Jan Altorf, Owl and vulture with snake, 1926

Perfection in clean lines, chamfered corners and simplified forms. These are the characteristics of Johan Altorf's design language. He was one of the most important [...]

Jaroslawa Dankowa, Cricketer, 1978

The statue 'Cricket Player' by Jaroslawa Dankowa, which acts as an eye-catcher on the grounds of The Hague Cricket Club (HCC), radiates the dynamism and agility [...].

Jean Bremers, Marianne Bremers, Dancing girl, 1988

Since 1988 there have been two bronze sculptures by Jean and Marianne Bremers in The Hague: 'Dancing girl' in Park Clingendael and a statue of Prince [...].

Carla Rutgers, Bucking child, 1984

An image with a double function. You can look at it and you can jump over it. Moreover, it is surprising. Because sculptor Carla Rutgers made a [...]

Dirk Bus, Personification of electricity, 1942

At first glance, the statue standing in front of the transformer house on Van Diepenburchstraat looks like a hero from the [...].

Wietske van Leeuwen, The Paprika Bridge, 2011

Normally ceramicist Wietske van Leeuwen makes bowls and pots with lids. She does not use rigid walls for this. Van Leeuwen stacks [...]

Jens Pfeifer, Auntie Kees, 2007

For a moment it seems as if deer have just jumped out of the forest behind the school. Two seconds later, it dawns on you that [...]

Kees Timmer, The helpful, 1959

At the end of the 1950s, a new HBS was built at Westhovenplein in Moerwijk: the then Christian HBS Overvoorde. In that building, [...]

Paul de Reus, Jacket, 2005

Paul de Reus' 'Coat' is teeming with people. Children's heads are thronging just above the collar of the gigantic, rough coat. Under the coat [...]

David Bade, Fix breath free, 2011

Some artists spend their whole lives in their own studios. You only see their work when they show it in a museum or gallery. This is how [...]

Sybilla Krosch, Children at bird trough, 1965

Until she was thirty, Sybilla Krosch had never really come into contact with art. Let alone that she had made sculptures herself. Yet at [...]

Leen Blom, Marian Gobius, Reliefs, 1951

Bunny hunting, flying kites, playing with balls and puppets: you can't think of anything more appropriate for a school. No wonder that the artists Leen [...]

Jeroen Voskuyl, Untitled, 1957

With strips of dark and light grey stone, a space has been sketched on the end wall of the former Zuiderpark-HBS, in which blue planes loom up like windows. Human figures [...]

Jan Snoeck, Z.T. (Tubular Plastic), 1957

This school building was opened in 1957 as HBS Zuiderpark. The architect was Sjoerd Schamhart. He made a light and functional building, entirely in the style of [...].

Rudi Rooijackers, Concrete sculpture, 1967

On the narrow strip of grass in front of the Platform Zuid 57 building there is a curious concrete thing. From afar, it evokes memories [...]

Albert Goederond, LaSalle, Bear, 1992

In 1992 Albert Goederond presented his sculpture for a police station in The Hague: a bronze bear. The artist said that the sculpture was created, not invented. Probably the [...]

Willemien de Bruijn, Bert Haaitsma, Small trees, sweet dreams, 1999

How thick can it get? The answer to this question is contained in the metal ring around the young tree. The ring protects the tree, [...]

Toby Paterson, Resetting, 2013

What do you do with a work of art if the building for which it was made is demolished? That was the question when housing corporation Haag Wonen in 2007 decided to [...]

Lotti van der Gaag, Ornitopus, 1966

During her lifetime, there was repeated commotion about whether or not she belonged to the Cobra group. Lotti van der Gaag herself claimed that she [...]

Henk Oostenbrink, Totem pole, 1962

On the schoolyard in front of the primary school on Pachtersdreef there is a large totem pole. It is three metres high and weighs about 700 kilos. Sculptor Henk [...]

Theo van der Nahmer, Girl with kite, 1962

"Girl with kite" came into being in 1962. Maker Theo van der Nahmer then participated fully in the vibrant life of artists in The Hague. He was a member of the [...]

Jacques van Rhijn, Relief people and plants, 1954

After the end of the Second World War, there was a true building explosion. Because of the devastation during the war and the baby boom that followed, the [...]

Jan Snoeck, Eight heads, 1963/1964

Colourless grey speckled aluminium concrete. At the time, it was an innovative material. Jan Snoeck executed eight different heads in it. Elongated and caricatural, the noses considerably [...].

Jan Snoeck, Flight, 1960

Most people only know his stylised human figures made of colourful ceramics. You can find these sculptures by Jan Snoeck everywhere in the Netherlands, on squares and along [...].

Peter Kortekaas, Football goalie, 1983

Caught in the act' is a well-known English expression. In Dutch, it could be translated as 'caught in the moment of full action'.

Dirk Bus, Relief with man, woman, water jet and washbasin, 1941

When the bathhouse on Escamplaan opened its doors in February 1942, it was still under construction. Because of the bitterly cold war winter, many people visited public wash houses.

Willem Hussem, Object, 1972

A sculpture by Willem Hussem, and then 10 metres high too: that is special in more ways than one. For this artist is above all [...].

André van Lier, Bar without end, 1978

In his sculptures, André van Lier is constantly looking for forms that possess or enter into a relationship with architecture. The sculpture 'Balcony without end' from [...]

Onbekende maker, Monument to the Victims of Violence, 2010

On 14 May 2000, window cleaner Daan de Blok and funeral director Alan Roos were murdered. After a night out they drove along in the car of [...].

Marian Gobius, Stijkelmonument, 1953

The head is bowed and the palms of the spread arms are turned outwards. In this way, the kneeling, naked male figure expresses intense emotions of powerlessness and vulnerability [...].

Dick Loef, Meadow pipit, 1977

In the 1960s and 1970s, the storytellers among the visual artists received little attention. The rational approach was more important at the time [...].

Jaroslawa Dankowa, Jockey, 1984

The statue of a jockey in full action in the pond near the horticultural school seems to be an assemblage of pieces of metal welded together [...].

Jan van IJzendoorn, Object, 1983

Sometimes it is necessary to move a work of art. Usually this happens because of infrastructural changes. The relocation of Jan van IJzendoorn's 'Object' had a different purpose.

Rob Pleysier, Girl on a hobbyhorse, 1984

You cannot catch him being gloomy. The sculptures of The Hague sculptor Rob Pleysier are cheerful and playful. That has been the case since the end of [...]

Heppe de Moor, Nothingness has eternity, 1976

You make time tangible by keeping prints of something,' said sculptor Heppe de Moor in 'Contemporary Art' in 1979. For years, his work stood [...]

Folkert de Jong, The Player, 2014

Replacing a blown away statue with a jester: this is how you could summarise the history of art on Koningsplein in a nutshell. After a large-scale renovation, the [...]

Rudi Rooijackers, Two relay runners, 1956

The stone sculpture of two relay runners, which Rudi Rooijackers commissioned in 1956 for a school at Goudsbloemlaan, fits into the figurative tradition of the [...].

Lon Pennock, Object, 1972

Although he enjoys drawing and making collages, Lon Pennock primarily manifests himself as a sculptor. In his hometown of The Hague, several sculptures underline the [...]

Jan Snoeck, The Colour Pipe, 1972

With a little imagination, you can see a gigantic earthworm in the colour pipe that winds through the bushes along the main sewer building on Houtrustweg in The Hague.

Johan Traxel, Relief, 1984

For centuries, craftsmen have fused sculpture and architecture. This can be seen, for example, in the richly decorated ancient cathedrals and the architectural sculpture on buildings of the [...].

Huub Hierck, Cascade, 1969/1970

Huub Hierck's sculpture placed in the water opposite the former incinerator on Suezkade, corner of Newtonstraat, shows that the sculptor [...].

Theo van der Nahmer, Relief woman, man, table, lamp, 1948

A man and a woman are sitting opposite each other. Silent and stiff, four hands resting on the table. They stare, do not look. There is nothing more [...]

Loek Bos, The lamplighter, 2008

A lithe little man in a top hat and windblown jackets climbs a narrow ladder to light the street lamp. Through his efforts, the street [...]

Auke de Vries, Untitled, 2003

The sculpture that the (inter)nationally known artist from The Hague, Auke de Vries, designed for Churchill Square consists of three elements that emerge from the water of the [...].

Siemen Bolhuis, Wim Kan and Corry Vonk, 1986/1997

They stand about between the majestic Kurhaus and the large Circustheater: conferencer Wim Kan (1911-1983) and his wife Corry Vonk (1901-1988). Sculptor Siemen [...]

Tom Otterness, Fairytale Images, 2004

Most strollers along the Scheveningen boulevard will be familiar with them: the "Fairy Tale Sculptures" by American artist Tom Otterness. Already at a great distance you discern [...]

Rein Draijer, Shells, 1967

In various publications about his life and work, Rein Draijer is portrayed as a prominent artist who has mastered three totally different disciplines, and who has thus [...]

John Körmeling, Biesieklette house South boulevard, 2006

From the very beginning of his artistic career, John Körmeling has manifested himself as an impetuous, unstoppable and contrary machine of ideas. For the hall of [...]

Arie Teeuwisse, Monument to those who fell, 1961

In The Hague, several monuments have been erected in memory of the victims of the Second World War, as well as in Scheveningen. In [...]

FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste) Sean Griffith, Charles Holland en Sam Jacob, Biesieklette house North boulevard, 2003

The London-based artists' collective FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste) prefers to occupy unexplored territory. The artists who belong to the collective claim [...]

Navid Nuur, The Gift, 2016

Everyone knows more or less what justice means. But how do you represent it without Lady Justice and her scales? That was the task that three artists [...]

Jikke van Loon, Maduro memorial, 2016/2017

Of course, George Maduro (1916-1945) is the namesake of the famous miniature city Madurodam. But that he is also a resistance hero from the Second World War, many [...].

Charlotte van Pallandt, Woman, 1953

In Charlotte van Pallandt's studio on Gooweg in Noordwijk, a life-size figure study for 'Woman' stood for years after its completion.

Henry Moore, Large locking piece, 1964/65

Hollow tooth' is the nickname of the sculpture on the Stadhouderslaan near the Art Museum in The Hague. It sounds a little irreverent for a sculpture by the international artist who has [...]

Sol Lewitt, Tribute to Mrs Josine de Bruyn Kops, 1990

There has been much ado about the placement of this work of art by the famous American artist Sol LeWitt. Architect Sjoerd Schamhart did not want to [...]

Carel Kneulman, Jacob and the angel, 1957/58

The name Carel Kneulman will always be associated with 'The little darling' from 1959 in Amsterdam. Two years earlier the Amsterdam sculptor had completed 'Jacob and the angel', [...]

Donald Judd, Untitled object, 1982/83

What you see is what it is. Nothing more and nothing less. The American sculptor Donald Judd created sculptures that do not tolerate interpretation or symbolic meaning.

Piet Esser, Icarus, 1970/74

The bronze statue in the garden of Kunstmuseum Den Haag leaves no room for misunderstanding: the fall of Icarus hits hard. He crashes into the [...]

Françoise Carbasius, Child with duck and bird drinking bowl, 1930/32

Initially it was not obvious that Françoise Carbasius would become a sculptor. At the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague she obtained the [...] diploma in sculpture.

Onbekende kunstenaar, Thorn puller

Further information will follow.

Kees Verkade, The Breakthrough, 1993

More than ten years before the square near the Circustheater was transformed into a sculpture square, 'The Breakthrough' by Kees Verkade had already been placed and unveiled there. That [...]

Jan Steen, Icarus, 2004

Icarus is one of the most tragic characters in classical mythology. He falls victim to his youthful hubris and his pursuit of the higher things.

Pépé Grégoire, Double, 2004

Pépé Grégoire played an important role in the selection of the sculptures placed near the Circustheater. Cultural patron Joop van den Ende is an admirer [...].

Abraham David Christian, Interconnected Sculpture, 2003

If you look closely, you can count six circles. Yet there are only four supports on the pedestal. The other two circles hang in the air. They are touching [...]

Jack van Osnabrugge, Untitled, 1979

A sculpture as a piece of jewellery. A play on words that we can take literally in Jack van Osnabrugge's case. Because Van Osnabrugge is a gold- and silversmith and manufactures [...]

Jan Maaskant, Standing and lying, 1972

The sculpture 'Standing and lying' has two faces. From a distance, all attention is drawn to two standing columns of stainless steel, both of which are four metres [...].

Rudo Hartman, Plaque Grand Duchess Sophie von Sachsen, 2005

Once upon a time, The Hague was rich in canals. Unlike those in cities such as Rotterdam and Delft, however, the canals in the hofstad (city on the [...]

Arno van der Mark, Nonsite Outside Territory - Floating Point, 1998

On the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the city of The Hague in 1998, the Nederlandse Waterschapsbank donated the Floating Point artwork by Arno [...] to the municipality.

Artist unknown, Cremerbank, 1881

Even before his death, the author and painter Jacob Cremer (1827-1880) expressed his wish to be honoured with a bench in the [...].

Onbekende maker, Monument Waalsdorpervlakte, 1946

No dignitaries in office, no official delegations, no speeches. Most people know the commemoration of the dead on 4 May on the Waalsdorpervlakte as a modest, dignified event.

Toon Kelder, Untitled, 1973/1976

His biggest critic was himself. In an interview with 'Het Vaderland' on 24 November 1969, on the occasion of his 75th birthday, he said: 'I start [...].

Cornelis van Duyne, Fishing Memorial, 1921

In memory of the more than 300 fishermen from Scheveningen who lost their lives at sea during the World War 1914-1919. They are there - where neither night nor [...]

Nic Jonk, Mother and child, 1956

On the middle lawn of the Jacob Mulderweg stands an idyllic statue: a sturdily built mother, leaning forward with care over her child who is [...]

Nic Jonk, Mother and child, 1956

In almost all my sculptures, drawings and paintings the subject is woman, the primal mother. That's where I can put all my emotion into it', said sculptor [...].

Nic Jonk, Boxing girls, 1956

The Hague owns a few early works by the later famous sculptor Nic Jonk. On the lawns at Jacob Mulderweg there is a series [...]

Lidi Buma - van Mourik Broekman, Game and security, 1955

Three children playing in the water, their mother watching from the shore. This image inspires confidence, and that is exactly what the client [...].

Loek Bos, Indian Aunts, 2013

When writer Yvonne Keuls received the Culture Prize of the city of The Hague on the occasion of her 80th birthday in 2012, she immediately knew what she [...].

Jos van Riemsdijk, Two girls, 1953

In an old photograph taken at the farewell of the influential sculpture professor Jan Bronner, Jos van Riemsdijk poses amidst almost a hundred colleagues.

Peter Harskamp, Sun Rider, 1986

Horse riding is more difficult and dangerous than it seems. That is the lesson for the children who pass through the entrance gate on their way to the [...] classroom every day.

Albert Termote, Relief with horse, 1955

Adjacent to the Stadhoudersplantsoen is a large building with a remarkable relief of a horse. It is immediately conspicuous when you [...]

Lon Pennock, Balance of Sheets, 1977

Although he also exhibited drawings and collages from time to time, Lon Pennock was primarily known as a sculptor who made small sculptures for the interior, but also for the [...].

Phil van de Klundert, Tons monument, 1979

They are ready for immediate use. At least, that is how the piled up herring barrels on the windy embankment on the corner of the Dr. Lelykade and the Dr. Lelykade [...]

Arend Odé, Bust of Constantine Hyugens, 1897

Originally, the bust of the poet, writer, musician, collector, diplomat and statesman Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687) stood at the beginning of Scheveningseweg, near the promenade.

Cornelis van Duyne, Lelybank Memorial, 1931

In the year 1931, at the opening of the 2nd harbour, the inhabitants of Scheveningen donated to the municipality. The Lelybank in which this text [...]

Gra Rueb, Onbekende maker, Monument Trekvlietplein, 1946/1947

At first glance, it is a curious mishmash. The three plaques and a large column that stand at the entrance to the municipal workshop of [...]

Harold de Bree, Dazzle Painting, 2018

What is this crazy pattern? On Noordpolderkade, the plain gray paving stones near Esloo College suddenly turn into [...]

Loek Bos, Aad Mansveld, 2007

Plenty of action. That is how sculptor Loek Bos depicted the Hague footballer Aad Mansveld. Moreover, he places him like a hero on a high pedestal.

Berry Holslag, Binck Twins, 2004

They are located between the many business premises on the Binckhorst industrial estate: the 'Binck Twins'. There, they mark the entrance to the multifunctional office and business park of the same name.

Marc Ruygrok, HOWEVER, 1998

PRESENT. Although it sounds rather solemn, you regularly come across the word 'today' in the street scene. Today completely empty or today closed. But what if [...]

Matthijs van Dam, Peter Jansen, Colour fields on a curved and twisted form, 1991

Fields of colour on a curved and twisted form' is the official title of the blue arch at Binckhorstlaan, known to all passers-by of the [...].

Ineke van Dijk, Monument Ypenburg, 2000

After sixty years, the time had finally come. On 10 May 2000, Monument Ypenburg was unveiled to commemorate the victims who fell during the [...]

Erick de Lyon, Water tables, 2003

In the early seventies, Erick de Lyon studied architecture at TU Delft. Shortly before completing his studies, he switched to the Rijksakademie [...].

Marjan Schoenmakers, Gently frothy biscuits, 2010

You come across them along the long wide water that is central to the Hoge Veld neighbourhood in Wateringse Veld. Words and phrases like: [...]

Hans van Bentem, FruitFaceFountain, 2012

There is a special fountain in the pond on Zevenwoudenlaan between Westergo and Oostergosingel. This fountain not only spouts cheerfully, it looks [...]

Milou van Ham, From enchantment to when, 2003

Milou van Ham's work of art for the 60-metre-wide Landingslaan in Ypenburg is not striking. But it is grand. On 32 [...]

Overtreders W, Jungle Ypenburg, 2009

Whether you like living there, does not only depend on the house you live in. The street it is on, the road to work [...]

Atelier van Lieshout, The Friend, 2007

From a distance he looks endearing, the figure that Atelier van Lieshout created in 2007 in the schoolyard of the Montessori elementary school in Leidschenveen [...]

Huang Yong Ping, Ling Zhi Helicopters, 2020

When the wind is blowing, this work of art is at its best. Then it seems as if they have just come flying, the three giant mushrooms with their [...]

James Turrell, Heavenly Vault, 1996

Lying on your back, your head far back, the sky above you takes on the shape of a dome resting on the crater rim.

Wessel Couzijn, The Sun, 1956

It is almost impossible to imagine, but in the 1970s all the greenery behind the building of the [...].

Eric Claus, Various sculptures garden Council of State, 1980-2016

From his wedding day in 1816 until his coronation in 1840, Crown Prince Willem II lived with his Russian wife Anna Paulowna at Kneuterdijk 22. At [...]

Joseph Kosuth, Axioms from Spinoza's Ethics, 2011

Very subtle. That is the best way to describe the work that the American artist Joseph Kosuth created for the Council of State. On the [...]

Dick Stins, Amalek monument, 1967

The successful entrepreneur Jacques Levi Lassen (1884-1962) was completely defeated when, one year after the Second World War, he returned from his refuge in New York to [...].

Onbekende kunstenaar, Sculptures Haagsche Bluf, 2001

When the City Cinema on the Venestraat burned down in 2000, project developer Geste Vastgoed decided to revitalise the area behind it. In the plan, [...]

Onbekende maker, Plaque Princess Irene Brigade, 1985

It was Queen Juliana who on 2 May 1985, in the presence of 250 veterans, unveiled the plaque commemorating the entry of the [...]

Onbekende maker, City pump, Lange Voorhout, 1715

After many years of 'drought', anyone who is thirsty can pump a sip of clean drinking water again on Lange Voorhout. To this end, the municipality and [...]

Jan van der Ploeg, Wall painting no 294, 2010

Overwhelming in every way. That is the effect of the 36 coloured strips that Jan van der Ploeg painted on the fence and ceiling of [...].

Lawrence Weiner, Just above the waterline, 1996

The work of internationally renowned artist Lawrence Weiner is about connecting text and image into a new whole. His oeuvre consists largely of [...]

Matt Mullican, Relief stones, 2008

If you don't know it, you just walk past it. In the narrow alley next to the artists' association Pulchri Studio, four enigmatic reliefs have been lying since 2008.

Norbert Rademacher, Wasserwaage, 1992

Inconspicuous. That is the spirit level which the German, internationally renowned artist Norbert Radermacher has built into the wall of a ventilation shaft in the car park under the [...].

Jan Kleingeld, Police Memorial, 2006

Pearls in Policing'. That was the name of the global meeting that took place in 2007 from 10 to 13 June. The Hague received [...]

Pi de Bruin, Constitution Bank, 1992

A substantial work of art': that was what was to be placed in front of the new parliament building. The new accommodation for the Lower House was opened in 1992.

Zoro Feigl, Echo, 2017

"At school you learn how natural forces work, but not how they feel", said Zoro Feigl in an interview in the Volkskrant at the time of the [...].

Tamar Frank, Caelesti Lumine, 2017

According to Tamar Frank, she could not make what she wanted with a brush and paint at the art academy in Maastricht. That is why she started experimenting [...].

Gunnar Daan, Dancing architects, 1992

In the early nineties of the twentieth century, a completely new district arose between the Central Station and the old historic centre. This neighbourhood was built on the [...]

Aloïs de Beule, Sacred Heart Statue, 1923

On its fiftieth anniversary in 1923, the Joannes de Deo Hospital at Westeinde received a fitting gift. The citizens had collected money to pay for the Catholic hospital in [...].

Herman van Remmen, St.Michael, 1947

It was the Roman Catholic Father Marijnen who had the Joannes de Deo Hospital built at Westeinde in 1873. He thought that the existing hospitals [...]

Per Kirkeby, Untitled, 2013

It makes you dizzy! If you look up at the gate at Turfmarkt 147, there seems to be no end to the two refined, slender [...]

Peter van Loon, Steady lady/Fierce woman, 2005

There is a proud female figure on the little square of De Bockstraat. At least, if you use a little imagination and look through your eyelashes at the soft yellow of the [...]

Alexander Taratynov, Anna Pauwlona, 1999

Hey, what's that posh lady doing sitting in the middle of Anna Paulownaplein? In the shade of the big trees she seems to be sitting on someone who [...]

Teun van Beijnum, Lamb Green, 1995

By the sign attached to her brick bench, you might just think that there once was a woman who called 'Lammetje Groen' [...]

Sergeant Hugo van Lennep, Searchlight Memorial, 1940

In memory of our comrades serg. H. Van der Waals corps. A. Van Ginkel sold. J.J. Fröling They gave their lives in the struggle for [...]

Marijke Gémessy, Theo ten Have, Mill Gate, 2005

The assignment given to Marijke Gémessy and Theo ten Have was to design a work of art for the Ketelstraat that would have to do with water.

Erna Nijman, Bronze statue with seats, 1995

Unfortunately for the residents, a small park with trees had to make way for the construction of the new police station in the Laakhaven area. In her design, the artist refers [...]

Hans van Bentem, Vase, 1996

Hans van Bentem connects popular visual culture to traditional cultural heritage. He deliberately captures the fast language of youth culture in slow-moving, traditional materials such as the [...]

Vito Acconci & Studio, Park in the Water, 1997

Laakhaven new style: two rows of high-rise flats, the Haagse Hogeschool, a strip of cafés and restaurants and a city park. On the edge of the park, the city is [...]

Berry Holslag, Four tile panels, 1982

Because I think they are very beautiful and because they are timeless', was the reason for artist Berry Holslag to use ancient Greek vase paintings as an example for his [...]

Hans Kleyweg, Variant on ring III, 1985

Local residents called this granito statue of Hans Kleyweg when it was placed 'Freezing Seals'. Remarkable as everyone is always inclined to put it in a [...]

Auke de Vries, Untitled, 1986

While waiting for the train to Leiden and Amsterdam at NS station Hollands Spoor, you are immediately confronted with an image that you can't ignore: the elongated square with its [...]

Dirk Bus, Family and child caretaker, 1957

Dirk Bus lived and worked in The Hague for most of his life. Only during his advanced training at the Rijksakademie did he live in Amsterdam. Besides working at [...]

Hermanus Berserik, Mural Pop and Locomotive, 1985

From the train at Hollands Spoor they always attract your attention: the big puppet and the steam locomotive with zeppelin. They are painted on the end walls of the [...]

Rudi Rooijackers, Relief cases 1940-1945, 1967/1992

'1940-1945 Hear! "Free speech Threatened, enslaved Brings his fighters in distress to their deaths. On 5 [...]

Jeroen Hoogstraten, Circle benches, 2009

For visual artist Jeroen Hoogstraten the human being in his environment is central. He concentrates mainly on the question: how do you make [...]

Sara Vrugt, Looking with your hands, 2015

Sara Vrugt would prefer to embroider the world all over again. Together with a lot of other people. She normally works with needle and thread.

Florentijn Hofman, Treehouses, 2009

In the spring of 2009 two large holes were dug in both schoolyards of the newly built primary school on the Terwestenstraat. A few hours later the [...]

Hans van Bentem, Battle between good and evil on a cosmic level, 2006

The artwork for the Shri Vishnu school had to clearly express the Hindu philosophical identity of this special primary school. A commission of this nature is [...]

José den Hartog, Tilework, 2008

Art adds something extra to the architecture and to the environment. Based on this conviction, architect Mieke Bosse (Scala Architects) invited artist José den [...]

Marieken Verheyen, Dream house, 2001

Such a boring bare wall in a schoolyard is nothing. That is why, after the expansion of the school in 2001, De Triangel primary school decided to extend the [...]

Eva Hertzsch, Adam Page, Guardhouse Voldersgracht, 2002

During the tenth Documenta in Kassel (1997) the British-German artist duo Hertzsch&Page attracted attention with a public building for 'business and pleasure'. It allowed visitors to see the [...]

Roberto Barni, Andante e Adagio, 2001

What a contrast. The imposing high-rise that rose between Central Station and the historical centre of The Hague in the early 1990s [...].

Ram Katzir, Hide and Seek, 2006

You can just barely hear her counting out loud. But the girl with the ponytail does set the children at the Zuidwal primary school on [...].

Karel Gomes, Gandhi Monument (1869-1948) and National Hindu Immigration Monument, 2004

Mahatma Gandhi who led the Salt March. That image had lodged itself in the mind of sculptor Karel Gomes. And so he has made this important Indian [...]

Ingrid Rollema, Werewolf or no-werewolf, 1994

You can almost hear him crying. Standing upright on his hind legs and wrapped in sheepskin, a wolf-like figure howls at all the residents of the Pander Complex.

Peter Struycken, The flame, 2008

How can you make a building that has been in the city for fifty years visible again in a contemporary way? That question was posed by the Royal [...]

Ferry Simonis, Aerobic cubism IV, 1990

That the Hague sculptor Ferry Simonis was originally an etcher can be seen in his sculpture that has been in the garden of Noordeinde Palace since 1990.

Rob Krier, Double figure (Light and Dark), 2001

Actually he is an architect and urban planner. But in his spare time Rob Krier makes sculptures. Sturdy sculptures cast in bronze. According to his partner Christoph Kohl (1961) [...]

Igor Mitoraj, By Adriano, 1993

In the middle of the horseshoe-shaped Muzenplein there has been a large bronze mask since 2001. A sturdy pedestal keeps it upright. It is a sculpture by the artist and his [...]

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Et in Arcadia Ego (I too was in Arcadia), 1998

If you hang over the quay wall of the Hofvijver at the height of the Gevangenpoort you can catch a glimpse of it. Just above the pond [...]

Anthony Gormley, The Well, 2000

"I just hope that people will be stopped in their tracks and start looking again at themselves and the place where they [...]

Appie Drielsma, The Hague Resistance and Remembrance Memorial, 1992

Are most of the war monuments realized in the first five to ten years after the war, if not the resistance and liberation monument opposite the entrance of [...].

Heleen van der Sanden - de Groot, World Peace Flame, 2002

Memorials often arise spontaneously. Citizens feel such a connection with people or an event that they take the initiative to give their memories or tributes a [...]

Dicky Brand, Untitled, 1990

Sometimes art in public spaces contrasts with its surroundings. At other times it harmonizes with it. It is in the latter case that the Advisory Group on Visual Art [...]

Anat Ratzabi, Jewish monument, 2018

Before World War II, this square was the heart of a lively neighbourhood: the Jewish Quarter. Since 1625, Sephardic Jews fleeing from the [...]

Sara Benhamou, Eric de Vries, Jewish children's memorial, 2006

After the summer holidays of 1941, Jewish primary school children in The Hague were only allowed to attend school buildings on Bezemstraat in the heart of the [...].

Shinkichi Tajiri, Guardian, 1996

When conscription was suspended in the Netherlands in 1996, the VVDM (Association of Conscripted Military Personnel) and the AVDM (General Association of Dutch Military [...]

Shinkichi Tajiri, Royal knot, 1991

They are widely known as meeting points: the white button in the arrival hall of Schiphol Airport and the gold-polished bronze button in the Hoog Catharijne shopping centre in Utrecht.

Thom Puckey, Monument for Thorbecke, 2017

It is a wonderful history. In 1872 Johan Rudolph Thorbecke died, the founder of our parliamentary democracy and architect of our constitution. Shortly thereafter a [...]

Kees Verkade, Louis Couperus, 1998

"If I am anything, I am a Hagueian". This characterization by Louis Couperus (1863-1923), one of the Netherlands' most renowned writers, is, with [...]

Leon Bouter, Torso, unknown

It's been called a ghost for a long time. And a foundling. But in the end the sculpture turned out to be a sumptuous woman's torso by sculptor Leon Bouter.

Haags Kunstenaarscollectief, Untitled, 1990

Commissioned by the Woonkomitee Stationsbuurt 1986-1990. Bob Bonies, Onno Ernst, Heiner Holtappels, Boudewijn Korber, Barney de Krijger, Adriaan Nette, Peter van Oorde, Marlies van [...]

Jan Goeting, The Man, 1972

In April 2014, Elandplein went on the rampage. Trees were moved, benches put up. The square had to become more attractive for local residents and would serve as a meeting point [...]

Aris de Bakker, White Cornelisz de With, 1989

"Temporary is allowed to last", said initiator Vincent van der Kraan on 5 May 1989 at the unveiling of the statue. It sits atop the [...]

Peter van Loon, Ceramic objects, 1990

Leaning, lying, hanging or sitting. Everything is possible on the tiled square and the adjoining lawn between the flats on the Tivolistraat, where the ceramic (...)

Hildo Krop, Monument for the fallen of PTT, 1940-1945, 1950

'Many fell - as defenceless - as culms before the scythe - some stood - and sang - sang an old tune - the old [...]

Rein Draijer, Boxfruit, 1980

With a diameter of only 35 centimetres, Rein Draijer's bronze sculpture 'Doosvrucht' is not large. Yet it is precisely this sculpture in the bushes of [...]

Gerard van Remmen, Dirk Bus, Bram Roth, City hall facade, 1953

Taut and white: this is how a new city hall arose on the Spui in the 1990s. The contrast with the previous 'new' town hall from [...] could not be greater.

Jan Kuiper, Ootje Oxenaar, Police station reliefs, 1958

For a moment it seems as if Egyptians have been at work in the entrance of the police station at the Alexanderveld. On the inside of the [...]

Carel Kneulman, Jacob and the angel, 1963

Almost everyone knows 'Het Lieverdje' on the Spui in Amsterdam. Less well known is that this sculpture was made by Carel Kneulman. The artist from Amsterdam is [...]

Niel Steenbergen, The conversation, 1967

Since 1967 they stand in front of NIB Capital at the Carnegielaan. The three big stone men of sculptor Niel Steenbergen. Long coats on, two with bowler hats [...]

Frits Stapel, Girl, 1981

Casual, dreamy, sweet. Exactly like eight-year-old girls can be. This is how sculptor Frits Stapel captured his 'Girl' in bronze. She stands in the [...]

Theo van Laar, The Otootie, 1980

The artwork was famous in the Schilderswijk and was almost without exception highly appreciated by the local residents. But the 1980 'Car on the Gable' [...]

Axel van der Kraan, Helena van der Kraan, The Schillenpaard of the Schilderswijk, 1989

What would a monument for the Schilderswijk look like? This question was put to the artist couple Axel and Helena van der Kraan. During the research [...]

Marijke Gémessy, Sitting Carpets, 2011

In the Schilderswijk, between the Falck-, Koninginne- and Naaldwijksestraat, there is a green city square: the Fakonahof. Children from the neighbourhood can play there with toys [...]

Vitaly Komar, Alex (Alexander) Melamid, Phone box with bust Stalin, (1986) 2002

Some gave the artwork less than 24 hours when it was unveiled in The Hague's red light district in 1986. The reactions varied from 'wonderful' to [...]

Berry Holslag, Reconstruction of Teniersstraat, 1987

I was captivated by that picture,' read the headline in the 'Haagsche Courant' of 15 September 1987. The newspaper spoke to sculptor Berry Holslag about the creation of the [...]

Dirk Bus, Donkey, cow, moose and horse, 1931 and 1936

The bridges in the court town are well endowed with sculpture. Following in the footsteps of Amsterdam, The Hague also had many bridges decorated. Many commissions were given by the [...]

Jan Snoeck, Three plastics, 1979

Above one of the many articles written about the work of Jan Snoeck over the years is the headline 'Jan Snoeck [...]

Jan Snoeck, Sick in bed, 1979

A walk along sculptures in The Hague takes you past more than ten works by Jan Snoeck. Not all of them are immediately recognisable as being by Snoeck. Because as well as [...]

Bram Roth, Two-sided embossing, 1988

Many artists are averse to it, either early retirement or retirement. They work hard, driven as they are. The same was true of sculptor Bram Roth, who [...]

Pierre (Petrus Josephus Hubertus) Cuypers, Ludwig Jünger, Fountain with Count William II, 1883

Seen by glance, nothing suggests that this work of art dates from the 19th century. That's how well it harmonizes with the 13th-century buildings that form the backdrop: [...]

André van Lier, Pressed circles, 1980

André van Lier has earned his spurs in The Hague. And he is proud of that. His plastics can be found at various important locations. Who via [...]

Paul van Solingen, Outlet tile, 1984

It was May 1981 when The Hague acquired the 'Uithuil tile' by artist Paul van Solingen. Nothing paid for, just received. Van Solingen had made the [...]

Paul van Solingen, Tile, 1986

Paul van Solingen rode through The Hague in a hearse to inaugurate his mosaic exhibition at Esher Surry gallery, which had death as its theme, [...].

Oswald Wenckebach, Joan Melchior Kemper, 1938

From 1938 onwards, six bronze statues of historical jurists adorned the platform of the Supreme Court on the Plein. The six bronzes were made by six different artists.

Albert Termote, Cornelis van Bijnckershoek, 1938

It is said of sculptor Albert Termote that his Flemish training gave his work the necessary 'virtuosity and drama'. His statue of Cornelis van Bijnckershoek, a lawyer, [...]

Johan Polet, Hugo de Groot, 1938

The escape of Hugo de Groot (1583-1645) in a book chest from Slot Loevestein in 1621 is legendary. This famous 17th-century theologian, historian, statesman, diplomat, and [...]

Hildo Krop, Simon van Leeuwen, 1938

Hildo Krop is one of the most prominent sculptors of the Amsterdam School (1916-1926). He made a name for himself with his many sculptures on buildings and bridges, and [...]

Frits van Hall, Ulricus Huber, 1938

Frits van Hall, in the prime of his life and in the middle of his career as a sculptor, was murdered by the Nazis in the Dachau concentration camp. As a [...]

Mari Andriessen, Johannes Voet, 1938

Who does not know him? The Dockworker', founded in 1952 in memory of the Amsterdam February Strike of 1941. And every year at the commemoration of the [...]

Marius van Beek , Niké, 1982

To the side of the building that houses the highest legal body in the Netherlands stands a sculpture. This time it is not a respectable lady Justice, as is customary with legal institutions, but a [...]

Eugène van Lamsweerde, Plastic, 1987

In the pond of the palace garden in The Hague stands a gleaming stainless steel sculpture: an abstract figure with a slender posture. On a tall pedestal lies - [...]

Jan Roëde, Hugo van Valkenburg, Oak Leaf, 1983

Practical. The oak leaves that Jan Roëde jr. and Hugo van Valkenburg devised as signposts through the then new Kortenbosch district can certainly be called practical.

Leontine Pronk, Running man and woman, 1986

Man and woman walk towards the door of the former clubhouse Het Anker. The two figures, constructed from large ceramic tiles, form a [...]

Peter Struycken, The Image Gallery, 1990

Halfway between the town hall and Bijenkorf it starts to stand out: there are sculptures on the pavement and along the road. While strolling you discover [...]

Tirzo Martha, The dematerialization of the five commandments in the five senses, 2020

In addition to the ten commandments given by God to Moses (prophet and leader of the Hebrew people) on Mount Sinai, [...].

Femmy Otten, And Life Is Over There, 2017

There she is. Just poodle naked in the centre of The Hague. Besides breasts this female figure also has a dick and so she unites both [...].

Navid Nuur, RE/FLEC/TOR, 2018

According to Navid Nuur, public space is the domain of people and movement. Especially if that space is situated in the centre of the [...].

Gabriel Lester, Bambaataa, 2018

Bambaataa by artist Gabriel Lester is a large black metal monolithic sculpture containing three cubical forms of light grey gauze whereby the forms are placed in such a way that one [...]

Joop van Lunteren, Two images, 1937

Johannes Petrus Hendricus, or Joop for short, van Lunteren was nicknamed 'De Zuidhollandse Krop'. This is not surprising, because like Hildo Krop (1884-1970) in Amsterdam a lot of [...]

Dirk Wolbers, Safety in traffic, 1937

Halfway across the Conrad Bridge stands the statue of a mother guiding her two children safely through traffic. Much care and attention has been paid to [...]

Q.S Serafijn, John Wayne, 2010

An art commission can go crazy. In December 1998, visual artist Q.S. Serafijn presented his commissioner in Wateringse Veld with an interactive work of art: neon works on various [...]

Tejo Philips, The History of the Gardeners, 2011

Four artists have been invited to work with ceramics in the Wateringse Binnentuinen neighbourhood. They have created works of art to embellish the bridges and the [...]

Ivo Coljé, Haagsche Jantje, 1980/1981

"In The Hague there lives a count and his son's name is Jantje. Who doesn't know, the song about the son of Floris V, the [...]

Oswald Wenckebach, Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, 1954

There he sits; along the Lange Vijverberg, with a view of the Hofvijver, Johan van Oldenbarnevelt. The fingers of the right hand point to the chest at [...].

Theo van der Nahmer, Flaneur, 1968

Who's he waving at? Friendly, looking up. Maybe 'Flaneur' journalist Mr. Eduard Elias (1900-1967) says hello, the creator of his character. Elias...

Jan Wils, Emma Bank Memorial, 1938

In grateful memory and venerable memory of H.M. Queen Emma' is chiselled in the stone of this monumental bench with wooden seat. It [...]

Johan Philip Koelman, Monument Saxony Weimar, 1866

At fifteen metres, it is an imposing work of art, the monument in memory of Duke Charles Bernard of Saxony Weimar Eisenach on Lange Voorhout [...].

Rob Pleysier, Girl with flute, 1983

You don't usually play the flute or guitar in a busy street where traffic noise drowns out the sound, but in a pedestrian tunnel or [...].

Lon Pennock, L'Homme, 1973

Sometimes they are modest and barely noticeable, sometimes they inescapably claim the attention of passers-by. These are the images of Lon Pennock. In [...]

Adri Blok, Girl with basket, 1960

In addition to free work, Adri Blok also made a number of striking sculptures that have been placed in public space. In 1968, for example, she made a sculpture [...].

Renée van Loon, Twelve arches, 1989

By using tubes in a rhythmic construction I strive for a balance between mass and volume. This is what sculptor Renée van Loon said about [...]

Rudi Rooijackers, Girl on the couch, 1961

In the park opposite the Kuinrestraat is a girl sitting on a bench. Her charisma testifies to a curious mixture of self-confidence, arrogance and serenity. She [...]

Joop van Lunteren, Relief prince Maurice and retinue, 1932

The Amsterdam canals are applauded. Yet, The Hague also has its canals: the Buitenom, the Prinsessegracht and the Dunne Bierkade for instance. Since [...]

Bernard Olsthoorn, Five bent triangular articulated tubes, 1983

They're far apart. This gives the impression that the two parts of Bernard Olsthorn's object 'Five bent tubes' in the central reservation of the [...].

Marus van der Made, Sculpture, 1984

The sculptures of Marus van der Made are more or less classified as geometric abstract or concrete art. The artist from Zoetermeer was [...]

Paul de Regt, Two-part object, 1980

"It comes down to sliding and playing with the shapes. Until you get excited. And when the time comes, fix it or leave it [...]

John Raedecker, Monument Jan Toorop, 1937

The criticism didn't lie. From the 'totem pole' the 'adornments' next to Toorop's head had to be cut away, the councillors suggested. In 1936 [...]

Eddy Stikkelorum, Ruud Guilonard, Three walls and columns, 1987

Although he has also carried out art commissions elsewhere, the artistry of Eddy Stikkelorum is mainly linked to the Hague region. The artist was born in [...]

Arie Schippers, Long Walk to Freedom, 2012

Make a large, full-length portrait of Nelson Mandela: this is how the Stichting Statbeeld Nelson Mandela Den Haag (Nelson Mandela Statue Foundation) commissioned [...].

Antoine Pevsner, Spatial construction in the third and fourth dimensions, 1969

An important acquisition was the purchase of 'Spatial Construction in the Third and Fourth Dimensions' in 1967. Not only because this is about [...]

Co Brandes, Toon Dupuis, Monument Queen Mother Emma, 1936

The 1934-1935 competition for the Emma monument in The Hague had a remarkable course. From the many entries, the jury, which included prominent sculptors, rejected the design [...].

Frank Heerema, Untitled, 1989

At the end of the Juliana van Stolberglaan, where the Schenkkade and the Van Heutzstraat meet, stands this work of art by the Hague artist Frank Heerema.

Kees van der Harmelen, Gerard Bakker, Fishing Memorial, 1982

The sea, which takes again and again, Will one day return, All who have stayed, To him who first escaped, The lord of wind and water, To the [...]

Rick Koren, Image for Keppler, 1990

In his 'Beeld voor Keppler', which was placed on Kepplerplein in 1990, visual artist Rick Koren has done everything in his power to get things straight [...].

Theo ten Have, International Gay Monument The Hague, 1993

To commemorate victims of discrimination and at the same time to emancipate people with a homosexual orientation of today: this was the intention of the Hague city council in 1986 with the [...]

Jaap Karman, Zebra Clock, 1977

For decades, many hurried travellers have still managed to catch their train, thanks to the clearly visible, striped clock on the square in front of Central Station. Despite that [...]

Bon Ingen Housz, Dirk Roosenburg, Juliana of Stolberg Monument, 1930

Approximately three hundred people took part on Sunday around noon at the monument Juliana van Stolberg (1506-1580) on the Queen Marianaan in The Hague [...].

Henk Rijzinga, Gerry the Crow, 1989

You need to stand up for it. And then, out of the tangle of black cedar slats, a swinging crow looms up. It's...

Gra Rueb, Four reliefs: rice, tea, coffee and sugar, 1939

To characterise himself, sculptor Gra Rueb once said: 'not the artist of the Dream, but the man of deeds, the worker'. She saw [...]

Theo van der Nahmer, Skaters, 1977

Swinging over the ice. With the skates underneath, the gloves and warm dresses on, two girls get into their winter sports. Theo van der Nahmer [...]

Aart van den IJssel, Mechanical insect, (1959) 1960

At the end of the fifties the Laan van Meerdervoort had to be widened between the Muurbloemweg and the Kijkduinsestraat. Due to an increase in the [...]

Jaap Karman, Plastic, 1987

He is known from the zebra clock in front of The Hague Central Station. But on the Zuidwalland on the square opposite the Hobbemastraat there is another work of art [...].

Dirk Bus, Woman, 1965

Almost all body parts are shown. Except the arms. That is why the bronze sculpture 'Woman' from 1965 by the Hague sculptor Dirk Bus is allowed to become a torso [...].

Nico Onkenhout, Mother Earth, 1963

She's down on the earth and she's coming out of it. In this duality there is no doubt but imagination. Sculptor Nico Onkenhout has [...]

LaSalle, You are innocent when you dream, 2012

Against the embankment of the A12 is a small figure in a keyhole. It is a child wearing boots and a castle tower in his [...]

Simona Vergani, Camel with girl, 2002

Camel with girl' by the Italian artist Simona Vergani was placed in 2002 on the Ducksquare between the primary schools 'The Whale' and 'Waterland'. A 'wet' [...]

Hans Kleyweg, Variant on ring II, 1981

The title says it all: 'Variant on ring'. In fact, the object of visual artist Hans Kleyweg on Erasmusweg is not an ordinary ring but a [...].

Fred van de Walle, Henk van der Plas, Peter ten Hoorn, Multipipe, 1977

From triangle to square, from flat to three-dimensional. Multipipe' by the three Hague artists Henk van der Plas, Peter ten Hoorn and Fred van de [...].

Wil Verhey, Object, 1980

The metre-high object by Will Verhey, which was given a place in the park on the corner of Escamplaan and Weesperstraat in 1980, [...].

Henk van der Plas, Peter ten Hoorn, Fred van de Walle, Red carpet, 1977

Anyone who walks across the Escamplaan and passes the park near the Castricum Square can imagine themselves to be a movie star, a prince or another celebrity.

Arno van der Mark, Seven processed boulders, 1982

Along the waterfront in neighborhood park 't Kleine Hout are seven boulders. It looks like a composition of ordinary stones determined by fate. Up close it appears [...]

Dick Loef, Female with apple, 1983

Whether 'Female with apple' is one of the last images Dick Loef made is not entirely clear. The fact is that the bronze [...]

Jaroslawa Dankowa, Some other spring, 1980

Her most famous work is without a doubt the Indisch Monument. But The Hague counts more than one sculpture by the born Bulgarian Jaroslawa Dankowa. This is how [...]

Anton Molkenboer, Monument Albert Vogel sr., 1936

Surrounded by bushes, on Frederik Hendrikplein in the Statenkwartier, there is a monument in honour of the elocutionist Albert Vogel (1874-1933), who in this district [...], was [...].

Resi van der Ploeg, The flyer's glasses, 2001

Everybody dreams of being able to fly. And if a child in primary school 'De Vlieger' doesn't do it, which child does? The...

John Bakker, Jazz musician, 1982

Nothing more appropriate than a sculpture of a trumpet player at the Glenn Millerhof, named after the famous American jazz musician and orchestra leader. The bronze 'Jazz musician' [...]

Bart van Hove, G.M. Made, Monument Richard Hol, 1906

De paden op, de lanen in" en "Waar de blanke top der duinen": with these songs Richard Hol (1825-1904) gained great fame in our [...].

Marnix Rueb, Harry from The Hague, 2016

It's impossible to imagine a city like The Hague without Haagse Harry. Father of this typical cartoon character from The Hague is the artist Marnix Rueb. When [...]

Frank Letterie, Bird Fighter, 1970

On a weekday morning the Han Stijkelplein is often deserted. Frank Letterie's 'The Bird Fighter' stands out dynamically. In a fierce struggle [...]

Maria Roosen, Without Title, 2011

In the middle of the city on a pedestal stands a statue reminiscent of a birdhouse. But the house turns out to be a jug and [...]

Peter van der Meer, Girl on skippyball, 1983

Peter van der Meer lived and worked in The Hague, La Spezia and Carrara, among other places. Art lovers who know the Italian place names La Spezia, [...]

Mari Andriessen, Naval Memorial, 1966

Mari Andriessen has been called 'the sculptor of the resistance'. A characterization that belongs to him for two reasons. His Haarlem house and studio were in [...]

Bram Roth, Woman and man, 1964

Does the man ask the woman to dance, or is this just a couple gaily chatting? When the statue "Woman and ...

Corinne Franzen-Heslenfeld, Woman and man, 1945

A healthy mind in a healthy body. That is what Berlage had in mind in 1908 with his design for a park in The Hague [...].

Yumiko Yoneda, Waste bins, 2000

A bear made of concrete, a 'trash can' made of bronze in a park, or a styrofoam column between the concrete pillars of an exhibition space. Yumiko [...]

Jan Altorf, Dolphin, 1904

Once stood this beautifully styled dolphin on top of villa 'De Dolphijn' on the chic Badhuisweg. This property at number 141 was built between 1901 and 1904 [...].

Willem Verbon, Doorenbos, S.G.A., 1978

At the entrance of the Zuiderpark at the Veluweplein two gentlemen are hanging. In bronze, that is, and only their heads are depicted. On the [...]

Eric Boot, Three-part plastic, 1970

Appearances are deceptive. And that certainly applies to 'Three-part plastic' in the Zuiderpark. The work of art made by sculptor Eric Boot in 1970 and originally on the [...]

Marian Gobius, Flora, 1945

Whoever keeps what, has what. Fortunately, Marian Gobius had not discarded the model of her sandstone sculpture 'Flora' after years. And that came very [...]

Lidi Buma - van Mourik Broekman, Flute player (Orpeus in the dessa), 1942

A young, insecure youth sitting cross-legged with a flute. The love for the human being radiates from the sculpture. Sculptor Lidi Buma - from the Netherlands - has always made [...]

Frits van Hall, A.H.C. Briët, Jan Ligthart monument 'Ot and Sien, 1930

Whole generations have grown up with them: Ot and Sien. The adventures of these enterprising children are probably even better known than their creator: Jan Ligthart (1859-1916). Together they [...]

Gra Rueb, Cat, 1939

Since 1939 the 'Kat' by sculptor Gra Rueb has been standing in the Zuiderpark. Wise, but also a bit angry because of the deep frown in the forehead. Dreams [...]

Phil van de Klundert, Kunstfruit, 1975

This banana doesn't bite so deliciously. And so did the orange, the pear, the apple, a bunch of grapes and a tomato. Just...

Bram Roth, Lying woman, 1984

Sculptor Bram Roth was of the opinion that his art should transcend nature. This is evident from a statement he made in 1986: 'My work, [...]

Jan Snoeck, Man, 1981

They run like a thread through his work; the themes sit, lie and walk. Simple, but sufficient for Jan Snoeck to work with them endlessly [...].

Joop Pellinkhof, Object, 1983

If you study his various images from The Hague better, you can roughly divide them into two categories. In addition to geometrically abstract metal constructions, there are also sculptures with soft, round [...].

Peter Kortekaas, Aries, 1983

Proud and stubborn, he looks ahead. As if the ram in the Zuiderpark stubbornly wants to say: 'I stand here and go for nothing and ....

Theo van der Nahmer, Relief people, plants and birds, 1954

Not a born, but a raised Hagenaar. Theo van der Nahmer came to the residence after his studies at the arts and crafts school in Den Bosch to [...].

Armand van der Helm, Four birds on branch, 1965

Armand van der Helm, the maker of the four bronze birds at the petting zoo, was often praised in reviews as a young, promising artist. Even [...]

Gra Rueb, Woman, 1941

Cornelis Veth wrote in 1946 about the female nude of Gra Rueb in the Zuiderpark.

Aart van den IJssel, Sun, 1961

Now he has a good shelter in the Zuiderpark, but around 2000 this 'Sun' was still near a school building on the Guntersteinweg. The image from [...]

Johan Keller, Cat in Boots, unknown/before 2nd WW

His work is located in our national art temple: the Rijksmuseum. Sculptor/painter Johan Keller is represented in Amsterdam with three busts. Yet he does not enjoy a large [...]

Berry Holslag, The Conversation, 1980

Hardly anyone who visits the Westbroekpark misses 'Het Gesprek'. At the restaurant on the edge of the terrace is a small table with two [...]

Pearl Perlmuter, Job, 1954

In the past, female artists received the recognition that suited them only marginally. Only in the last few decades does this seem to have changed. Also the [...]

Carel Kneulman, Lazarus learns to walk again, 1982

It is certainly an exceptional rendition of a moment from 'The revival of Lazarus'. According to the official biblical text his sisters Martha and Mary are usually [...].

Bram Roth, Mother with child and doll carriage, 1962

Yeah, I like them. ...I like girls and women, whether they're old or young. I like my granddaughter when [...]

Everdine Schuurman-Henny, Ulysses and the Sirens, 1961

A young man hangs forward longingly to see the seductively dancing and singing creatures on the other side. In two separate bronzes [...]

Wessel Couzijn, Embrace, 1964

I don't like the deformation of the human figure... The result is derived from something it isn't itself. Then I prefer...

Ger Zijlstra, Torsion, 1976

"Torsion" means rotation. And however subtle, standing behind the sculpture 'Torsion' by Ger Zijlstra in the Westbroekpark a slight twist is indeed visible. A [...]

Piet Esser, Troelstra monument, 1953

It was a little daring to erect, in the middle of a wealthy neighbourhood, a monument to the greatest advocate of social realism that our [...]

Bram Roth, Two women with parasol, 1962

His work is seldom as stylised as 'Two women with parasols'. Trained by Bon Ingen Housz (1881-1953) and Albert Termote (1887-1978), sculptor Bram Roth [...] came to [...].

John Raedecker, Woman, 1962

It's as if she was trapped in the stone and only needed to be set free. The 1950 statue of John Raedecker has a [...]

Dirk Roosenburg, Westbroekbank, 1957

Under the peaceful looking hill at the edge of the rosarium a former bunker appears to be hidden. And who the inconspicuous [...]

Theo van der Nahmer, Sitting woman, 1963

Initially he worked a lot in stone, but 'I stopped working with stone because it was no longer affordable,' says sculptor Theo van der Nahmer [...].

Edith Imkamp-Van der Does de Willebois, Entr'acte, 1968

Literally translated, entr'acte means intermediate piece or break between two companies. The abstract bronze sculpture 'Entr'acte' by Edith Imkamp - Van der Does de Willebois seems [...].

Ineke Visser, Untitled, 1988

You will come across them drawn or painted: simple V-signs representing flying birds. The enormous red V by the Rotterdam sculptress Ineke Visser [...].

Dick Loef, Berber girl, 1983

Articles about Dick Loef usually discuss his ceramic work. Although there are a number of them in The Hague, there is little information to be found [...].

Jos van Riemsdijk, Girl with flute, 1977

Once upon a time there was a kindergarten girl in tailor's seat on the column in the middle of the park on the Wingerdstraat. The terracotta garden statue stood there [...].

Marino Marini, Horse and rider, 1959

No haughty look in the distance, gun clatter or other display of power. The equestrian statues of the Italian sculptor Marino Marini are more abstract and have something personal and [...]

J.M. van der Made, Commemorative needle landing Willem I in 1813, 1865

Under a loud "Orange above," Prince William Frederick (1772-1843), eldest son of Stadholder William V and Princess Wilhelmina of Prussia, set [...] on Nov. 30, 1813.

Otto Hajek, High wall, 1963

Although it is quite high, the concrete wall of Otto Hajek is not immediately noticeable. The wide intersection and the tall trees are lush [...].

Co Brandes, Toon Dupuis, Monumental bank, 1933

From gnome man to functional seating object, from decorative street furniture to monument: the sofa has many appearances. As one of the earliest sofas in The Hague, a sofa [...]

LaSalle, The Toy Man, 2012

At the edge of the roundabout near the fire station is 'The Toyman'. It is one of seven sculptures by artist duo LaSalle. This statue marks [...]

Gert Dumbar, Monument The Hague soldiers killed in the former Dutch East Indies and New Guinea 1945-1962., 2002

Of the dozens of war memorials that our country is rich in, most recall the horrors and victims of the Second World War. So do the many [...]

A. van Roon, Eugène Lacomblé, Ver-Hüellbank, 1881

If the Hague squire Henry Christiaan Arnoud Ver-Hüell (1818-1880) had not made such an effort, the Scheveningse Bosjes would probably have looked very different. If [...]

Gra Rueb, Deer, 1958

The bronze deer by Gra Rueb that has been on the edge of the park on the corner of the Willem Lodewijklaan and the Verlengde [...] since 1958.

Rob Pleysier, Mermaid, 1976

In the pond at Vijverzicht, a sterite mermaid floats. She raises her hands triumphantly. The flapping hair suggests a strong breeze that is [...]

Ger Dekker, Peter van Oorschot, Object group of nineteen poles, 1984

Abstract art is often compared to music. It is not tangible and it refers to nothing but itself. This is how visual artist Ger [...] sees

Shamaï Haber, Idea, 1967

I'm going to make a bit of a mess in the pond', that's how he announced his sculpture 'Idea' in the Haagse Courant of 25 August 1967. It [...]

Lancelot Samson, David, 1979/80

A bronze peat one meter high. Smiling, the little naked fellow looks at the bird on his hand. The feathered boyfriend just beats the [...]

Frans Kokshoorn, Ode to the bicycle, 1990

It's typically Dutch. Going to school or shopping by bike in all weathers. Child on the back, huddled up under an umbrella. The hands [...]

Jan Brouwer, Sinti and Roma monument, 2006

Weile meer Sinti & Roma ham' (Because we are Sinti and Roma) 'So that they will never be forgotten' Fourteen May 1944: a black day for the [...]

Dennis Lohuis, Laurens Kolks, The Terp, 2009

High on a green mound stands a small and austere white chapel. The clock in the tower echoes the time in its own way, [...].

Onbekende maker, Bourdon clock, 1959

The Waalsdorpervlakte is home to many of the commemorations of the dead that take place there every year on 4 May. Those who remember the ceremony see the procession in front of them [...].

Evert den Hartog, M.A.O.C. Countess of Bylandt, 1987

As if she could get up out of her garden chair, she sits there proudly with her back straightened, her dachshund and her little poodle on her lap, opposite the [...].

Hans Kleyweg, Granito No. 1, 1981

Wavy lines and curves prevail. Here and there an angular shape can be discerned, but his sculptures are never hard or austere.

Peter Kortekaas, Pitcher, 1986

A frozen moment, just before he'll throw. The pitcher balances on the toes of his right foot. Lifts the left knee. Bends the head. Curves the [...]

Rob Pleysier, Monument to the wheel, 1983

Please note: this statue has been sawn off its pedestal and stolen. In the middle of a narrow street in Scheveningen stands a statue of a girl. High up [...]

Nico Onkenhout, Ariadne, 1947

In a dark corner of the rosary, contrasting with the dark earth and the high conifers is a white marble figure: the eyes with light [...].

Pieter Slegers, Sunlight beacon, 1987

Anyone approaching the Strandweg near the Zwartepad on a sunny morning can see how the 'Sunlight beacon' shines in the sunlight. The stainless steel counterpart of the [...]

J. Limburg, Jan Altorf, Monument Princess Juliana, 1910

Our country doesn't have that many monumental fountains. But on the Stuyvesantplein in Bezuidenhout there is one: the Juliana fountain. A large scale [...]

Bertus Sondaar, Bust of Louis Couperus, 1963

In the 1960s the international Fluxus movement dominated sculpture in the Netherlands. Fluxus questions the authentic form of art. The experiment was central. In the process the [...]

Dirk Bus, Sweelinck monument, 1962

Amongst all the monuments, which commemorate historical events and pay tribute to people such as Descartes, Johan de Witt, Eline Vere, there is also a memorial [...].

Joop van Kralingen, Fairytale, 1950

Who's that shy, timid girl over there in Sweelinck Square? The title of the sculpture, 'Fairy Tale', is a starting point. Is it Cinderella or Snow White? But...

Bram Roth, Stedemaagd, 1953

Originally this lady sat at the top of the stairs at the entrance of the former town hall on the Mayor De Monchyplein. With her left hand leaning on the [...]

Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Sjaan, 1987

Not very large, but strongly present, that's the 1987 headline 'Sjaan' in the Teniersplantsoen. Your eyes are drawn to it. By the magical [...]

Theo van der Nahmer, Relief Victims 40-45, 1952

Placed on a round, brick gas regulator's house on the Tesselseplein, the monument was unveiled by mayor F.M.A. Schokking on 30 August 1952. Relief victims 40-45' [...]

Lancelot Samson, Horse Jolian, 1984

As a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Albert Termote (1887-1978) was at the basis of the artistry of dozens of sculptors, [...].

Frits van den Eeden, Horse, ?

Text to follow.

Mark Rietmeijer, Girante, 1984

In a flowerbed on the edge of Theresiastraat stands a concentric oval-shaped sculpture: 'Girante' (after the Italian 'girare', meaning 'to turn'). The image is [...]

Arend Odé, Charles van Wijk, Memorial Major Thomson, 1918

The first international casualty of a peace mission: that was Dutch Major Lodewijk Willem Johan Karel Thomson (1869-1914). He died on 14 June 1914 in Albania. Together with [...]

Hans Kleyweg, Granito, 1976

Granito' stands on a table-shaped pedestal on the Thorbeckelaan. The title of the abstract image simply refers to the material from which it is made: granito, [...].

Pim van der Maas, Rhythmic column, 1976

The stainless steel sculpture 'Rhythmic column' from 1976 fits in the tradition of constructivism. It is an abstract construction in a strict geometric language of form, where [...]

Phil van de Klundert, Rhythm, 1981

Stainless steel. Geometric shapes. Three sterile boxes, high and narrow with a curved and closed top stand in front of the Cor Emousschool on Twickelstraat. The [...]

Albert Termote, Buck, ram, lion and bull, 1939

Buck, ram, lion and bull', these four animals have adorned the ends of bridge railings at Vaillant Square since 1939. They are all lying down [...].

Albert Termote, Horse with wife and child and horse with child, 1939

It was also in a very harsh winter, when I cut a horse into wood with my Father's chisels. Five years I was then. Since then...

Jack van Osnabrugge, Object, 1976

On the seaward side there is a square brick measuring post on a paved seawall in which a stairway has been bricked in. At a suitable distance the lighthouse looms up. In [...]

Artist unknown, Memorial stone 'De Wissel', 1995

On a spacious square on the Van Meursstraat there is a war monument that hardly stands out as long as no flowers or wreaths have been laid. The [...]

Onbekende maker, City Pump, Around the Great Church, Unknown

Hard to imagine now, but in the old days everyone drank water from the ditch or canal. Even the polluted Hofvijver supplied the water. A little safer [...]

André van Lier, Roadline, 1978

"Red Knot", "Paper clip", "Scissors". Numerous names have been given to this giant at the junction Schenkviaduct-Utrechtsebaan. The red steel tube, which at about 12 metres [...]

Lon Pennock, Tree, 1972

The monograph of his work*, which came out in 2004, opens with a revealing quote from Lon Pennock himself: 'My sculptures are about sculpture. It [...]

Ingrid Rollema, Stockfish, 1985

Working with bronze has taken on a special dimension for Ingrid Rollema. While many colleagues restrict themselves to handing in a wax model at the bronze caster, [...]

Theo van der Nahmer, Woman with parasol, 1961

Her posture is relaxed. She leans on one hand and graciously holds the parasol behind her left shoulder. The somewhat indeterminate gaze betrays no curiosity [...].

Gerard van Remmen, Fountain with three dancing girls, 1960

A city plan is not complete unless there is something to embellish it', said director Hillenaar when, on behalf of the construction company of the same name, he presented this statue of [...].

Jan Snoeck, Grater, 1968

Like the concrete sculpture 'Spectre' made by the artist in 1966, the obelish-shaped bronze 'Rasp' was placed on the lawn two years later [...].

Carel Visser, When the saints go marching in, 1968

The internationally renowned artist Carel Visser has built up an extensive oeuvre in his working life that looks surprisingly diverse. Because in addition to this strict [...]

Koos Flinterman, Five object group, 1982

Swimming pool De Blinkerd on the Seinpoststraat with its hexagonal shape and large dome is a characteristic building. When artist Koos Flinterman was asked to design this [...]

Nout Visser, Gate North Side, 1987

One should not be able to pass by a work of art unnoticed. Otherwise I might as well have erected lampposts.' This is what the Hague sculptor Nout says [...]

Lon Pennock, Sheet with frame, 1987

A seemingly simple image: a frame resting on a pillar. The slightest sigh would tilt the frame if it were not welded in place.

Nout Visser, Gate South Side, 1987

They form each other's opposites, the gateways to neighbourhood park Kortenbos on the Sirtemastraat from 1987. They are far apart on the north and south side of [...].

Aart van den IJssel, Man and Animal, 1962

On the site of the former public slaughterhouse in the Laakhaven area is now the Slachthuisplein. The layout of the square and the large glass roof [...].

Peter van der Meer, Girl with bike, 1978

"Girl on skippy ball. Mother and child. "Girl with bike". These titles of bronze sculptures he made for The Hague leave no room for misunderstanding [...].

Jobs Wertheim, Tomb monument Baruch de Spinoza, 1956

Behind the New Church on the Spui is the tomb of the great sage Spinoza. On the 1927 grave plate it says in Latin: [...]

Rudi Rooijackers, Wrestlers, 1966

Wrestling: an ancient sport and also imagined for centuries. Representations of wrestling naked men can already be found in classical antiquity and by Michelangelo. The tough [...]

Jos van Riemsdijk, Teenager, 1966

Notice! This statue was moved to the corner of Steenzicht and Vrederust Avenue in May 2023 due to new housing construction. Professor Jan [...]

Albert Termote, Dirk Roosenburg, Plaque 'Oranjehotel, 1950

Soon after the Scheveningen Penitentiary was used by the Germans to imprison Dutch people who resisted the occupying forces, [...].

Dirk Roosenburg, Toon Dupuis, Monument army and fleet, 1921

Homage to the mobilised army and navy Aug. 1914 - Nov. 1918 Faithful to the Fatherland'. Although most war memorials commemorate the victims of the Second [...]

Fré (Frederik Engel) Jeltsema, Statue Johan de Witt, 1918

"He was a perfect Dutchman. This statement on the statue of Johan de Witt (1625-1672) contrasts sharply with the events at the place [...].

Louis Royer, Statue Prince William of Orange, 1848

There has been a year of discussion about the location of the dog, the attitude and clothing of the prince and whether he [...].

Jacques Jaquet, Johan Philip Koelman, Joseph Jaquet, Theo Simons, Independence Memorial - Monument 1813, 1869

The realisation of Monument 1813, the largest 19th century monument in the Netherlands, is the first time in sculpture that the contrast between Catholics and [...]

Mari Andriessen, Monument Albert Plesman, 1967

For a long time, the Royal Netherlands Airline, or KLM for short, has been our national pride. The fact that the airline was able to grow into one of the largest in the world is [...].

Joost Baljeu, Synthetic construction F8-1B, 1978

When you see the strictly geometric 'Synthetic construction' on Plesmanweg, you would not immediately think that nature is the starting point for the [...].

Leen Blom, Woman, 1940

Between the luxuriant plants in the garden around the former Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management there is a female figure. A half-naked lady in sand-lime stone. In [...]

Jan Altorf, Hendrik Goeman Borgesius monument, 1924

Editor-in-chief of 'Het Vaderland', forty years member of the Lower House, Minister of the Interior and honorary doctor at the Groningsche Hoogeschool: it's not bad [...].

Dick Loef, Johanna, 1983

Less than a week before his death, the childless Johan de Bruyn van Buytewech (1590-1657), lord of Nieuwkoop, North and Eighteen Courts, drew up a will. In it [...]

Gra Rueb, Reliefs with animals and spells, 1939

"A bat is when it tends, bird or mouse to its own advantage. This is the caption of a relief on the zoo bridge at the [...]

Françoise Carbasius, Seal and otter, 1932

The animal was a subject completely dominated by sculptor Françoise Carbasius. Thus the famous art historian Cornelis Veth wrote in 'De Telegraaf' of 9 [...].

Auke de Vries, Chapeau, 2006

Auke de Vries has designed several sculptures that have been given a permanent place in the public space of his hometown The Hague. His sculptures see [...]

Piet Donk, Memorial First balloon ride, 1960

He took off with a hot air balloon from the garden of Noordeinde Palace. Not much later he landed in Zevenhuizen. There the French balloonist Pierre [...]

Hans Kleyweg, Granito No. 9, 1977

There are people who don't like abstract art very much. "You don't see anything in it" is the criticism. Appreciation for art depends on the fact that [...]

Jaroslawa Dankowa, Indian Monument, 1988

Seventeen more than life-size, slender figures: men, women and children. In doing so, sculptor Jaroslawa Dankowa expressed the grief of the victims of the [...].

Peter Jansen, Matthijs van Dam, Object, 1984

In the natural situations in which we work, colour (and in particular the industrially manufactured intense colour coating) forms a contrast or a signal that we [...].

Ingrid Rollema, Adriana Worldwife, 1984

She walked in front of me in the Wagenstraat', says sculptor Ingrid Rollema in Het Binnenhof on 29 May 1982. A lady shopping with large earrings by [...].

Abraham Frans Gips, Arend Odé, Memorial Queen Emma, 1905

She has been called the 'most unknown queen of the Netherlands'. Eight years on the throne isn't exactly long either. Yet at the beginning of the 20th century [...]

Jan de Baat, The Clamper, 1984

If you google for a moment, sculptor Jan de Baat will soon show you 'Het Peerd van Ome Loeks', for the Groningers the figurehead of [...].

LaSalle, Entertaining Melancholey Poodles, 2012

Between the houses and cars of the Reijerskopstraat a striking structure emerges from the central reservation. It appears to be a large concrete pedestal with three steps [...].

David Vandekop, Obstacle, 1980

What is a work of art doing in the middle of the busy Rijswijkseplein, where various traffic signs demand attention? Sculptor David Vandekop asked himself the same question. He was [...]

Emile de Nieuwerkercke, Equestrian statue Prince William I, 1845

In 1843 the French sculptor Emile de Nieuwerkercke showed King William II his model of a equestrian statue of Prince William of Orange. The king was [...]

Jo Klingers, Real quarrel, 1968

Usually marital quarrels take place indoors, but Jo Klingers lets the flame hit the pan in a rather unusual place. On a narrow [...]

Donald Duk, Debris ball, 1976

Rubble and concrete are the components of this work by artist Donald Duk. The choice of material seems strange, but it is not when we [...]

Lon Pennock, Intersection, 1981

On Ockenburghstraat there are two uniform, metre-high rectangles: one rests on the ground, the other 'floats' and is connected with a rib to the [...].

Kees de Kruijff, Red deer, 1939

The difference between 'real' and 'just real' is sometimes very small. Visitors to the Oostduinpark can see a red deer every day on the meadow Arendsdorp. The [...]

Charlotte van Pallandt, Wilhelmina monument, 1987

The statue of Queen Wilhelmina that now adorns the little square on Paleisstraat could have looked significantly different. In 1963, a committee was set up [...].

Marian Gobius, Child with bird bowl, 1940

Idyllic and unspoiled. These are characteristics that fit perfectly with the statue 'Child with a bird trough' that stands between the vegetation of the Papaverhof's park [...].

Onbekende maker, Memorial Parallel Road, 1953

On 29 March 1945, members of the resistance molested and disarmed two German soldiers on the Parallelweg. One day later, members of the resistance held a column there [...].

Frank Letterie, Mother and child, 1963

Mother and child' is a subject that has captivated artists and audiences throughout the centuries. This is also proven by the statue sculpted in rough brushstrokes [...].

Jorien Kruyff van Dorssen-Rooymans, Ruth, the ear-reading woman, 1964

When the statue 'Ruth' was placed in 1964, the Mother-of-Pearl horst had only just been completed. The new housing estate arose on a spot where previously the Bezuidenhoutse [...]

Corinne Franzen-Heslenfeld, Gerda and the reindeer, 1938

Gerda and the Reindeer has been back in Marlot since March 21, 2024! Read more at the bottom of the text. In a quiet spot in [...]

Marian Gobius, Dynamic-Contemplative, 1948

At the age of eighty she took an active part in the cultural life of Voorburg. Sculptor Marian Gobius stood as co-founder and volunteer Museum Swaensteyn with advice [...].

Gerard van Remmen, Ball game, 1979

The two ballplayers at the sports hall on the Parkside are balancing on a slender column several metres high. Because they perform their actions at great height, they [...]

Frédéric Hexamer, Baruch de Spinoza, 1880

Sitting, recessed in thought, the right hand with pencil by the head leaning slightly forward, in the left hand a few sheets of paper. With this classic [...]

Ingrid Rollema, President, 1985

Ingrid Rollema has enriched The Hague with a number of remarkable human figures and imaginative creatures. The broadly smiling pole chair in the Pietermanstraat is one of them.

Jan Snoeck, Untitled (Object group with 22 images), 1985

Jan Snoeck has a thing for image groups. By placing two or more separate human images near each other, he is better able to [...]

Ossip Snoeck, Twelve images, 1988

How wonderful playing can be! Sneak over a fence, jump over it or perform a balancing act on the edge, a somersault over the fence [...]

Emile de Nieuwerkercke, René Descartes, 1845/1914

Europe has three identical statues by René Descartes (1596-1650). Two in bronze and one in marble. Two in France and one in The Hague. All three [...]

Jan Samson, Bathhouse dome, 1989

Finally, their neighborhood would be embellished with a long-awaited work of art. Buurtberaad Spuikwartier then immediately knew what to do with the preserved roof of the demolished [...].

Peter Kortekaas, Visual artist, 1983

He stands on the square in front of PePijn Theatre in Nieuwe Schoolstraat. Map with work under his arm, hat on his head, hands in his pockets, [...]

Peter van der Meer, Mother and child, 1984

Wrong image' headed the Haagse Courant of 28 February 1984. The message reported an error. Two weeks earlier it had been published that there [...]

Cees Langendorff, Shifting Pyramid, 1981

Without the artificial hill the effect of the shifting pyramid would have been much less strong. Now it seems as if it is 4 meters high [...]

Pim van der Maas, Duo, 1978

Pim van der Maas is a real sculptor. He carefully constructs solid objects that look fragile and playful. The sculptures that he specially [...]

André van Lier, Bank, 1988

A bench made of nothing more than a curved sheet of stainless steel and two planks of meranti wood. This is typical of André van [...]

Bram Roth, Flora, (1969) 1978

"I once, for fun, modelled an image of a ship with a lady. Now there's a commission for Kijkduin and then I think...

Arno van der Mark, Three pillars, covered by a disc, 1986

On top of a large disc is a bronze egg. The disc is carried by three natural stone pillars. The pillars are tapered and have a skin [...].

Dick Loef, Boy in tree, 1979

"Writing about my work"? It is not the task of the artist to analyse or explain his work for the viewer.

Peter Kortekaas, Tors, 1984

Just as the Impressionists recorded their surroundings at the end of the 19th century as if they wanted to capture the elusive light in paint, so are the bronze statues of Peter [...].

Koos Flinterman, Untitled, 1981

In 1981 the new building for Buurthuis Boerenplein on the square of the same name was completed. The new building was embellished with a work of art: two wall objects by artist [...].

Peter van der Meer, Kangaroo chair 2, 1981

A sculptor' was called artist Peter van der Meer. With thick slabs of clay he formed his female figures and animal figures. Also typical are his acrobatic [...]

Pim van der Maas, Landscape construction, 1981

Two sculptures by Pim van der Maas have been placed in the Melis Stoke Park. Both stainless steel objects underline the sculptor's preference for manifestation [...].

Rob Pleysier, Joy, 1962

How happy can a human being be? Very happy, anyone who sees the image 'Joy' will fully agree. The stylised female figure resembles invisible wings heavenward [...].

Hans Kleyweg, Variant on ring I, 1981

The main difference between the first 'Variant on ring' and the second version: the first version is closed and rests on a firm leg, while [...]

Theo van der Nahmer, Eternal youth, 1973

"Eternal youth. This is the name of the statue of the nude young lady by sculptor Theo van der Nahmer. And she has an eternal youth, because since [...]

Phil van de Klundert, The three pillars, 1981

Compared to the modest concrete 'Knoop' by Phil van de Klundert that was placed in 1979 at the neighbourhood and service centre at the Laakweg, [...].

Petra de Jong, Sundial, 1979

Sometimes there is a commotion around a work of art. That happened to sculptor Petra de Jong. Her 1979 'Sundial' showed a striking resemblance to a sundial of the [...].

LaSalle, Godhead of thoughtful Dynamics, 2012

Would those two concrete dogs be guarding your bike? For a moment, that thought flashes through your head. The bicycle stands so close to the railway viaduct immediately evoke associations [...].

Rudi Rooijackers, Plastic, 1969

In the 1960s this plastic was intended as 'a play image with delightful nooks and crannies for children'. At that time it was a relatively new phenomenon to artists [...].

Paul de Regt, Turn, 1981

It's reminiscent of the spine of a limber, twisted body. Geometrically and in Corten steel. The image is pure and simple: a rectangle on [...]

Kees de Kruijff, Group of seven horses, 1975

The visual oeuvre of Kees de Kruijff is firmly anchored in the tradition of figurative sculpture. The group of sculptures that were created in 1975 at the shopping square [...]

Joop Pellinkhof, Untitled, 1987

Four objects by sculptor Joop Pellinkhof were placed in the flower boxes on Deimanstraat in 1987. Two of these objects have now disappeared, the other [...]

Joop Pellinkhof, Untitled, 1987

Four objects by sculptor Joop Pellinkhof were placed in the flower boxes on Deimanstraat in 1987. Two of these objects have now disappeared, the other [...]

Jan Snoeck, Holidaymaker, 1986

Kijkduin has many sun worshippers, but this vacationer is almost always there, weather or no weather. Once in a while, however, his skin must also [...]

Jack van Osnabrugge, View-through cube, 1978

The 'View-through cube' by Jack van Osnabrugge, which was placed on the shopping square on the Denenburg in 1979, is in fact a cube ín a cube.

Jan Snoeck, Rooster, (1970) 1984

In 1982 art historian Jetteke Bolten wrote about the work of the Hague artist Jan Snoeck. Colour is part of my [...]

Rudi Rooijackers, Scheveninger and Scheveningse, 1952

That the work of art would tell something about fishing, inextricably linked to Scheveningen, was clear from the outset. But sculptor Rudi Rooijackers, before [...]

Rudi Rooijackers, Composition, 1966

A world of difference lies between Rudi Rooijackers' 'Composition' which was placed in the park opposite Hertenrade in 1966 and his five years earlier [...].

Bram Roth, Two women and child on sofa, 1961

With his sculptures and his membership of artist group Verve, Bram Roth has certainly contributed to the new élan within the visual arts in The Hague after the [...]

Theo van der Nahmer, Signal, 1968

Ghost images' were sometimes called the abstract works of Theo van der Nahmer. Signalement' on Groenhovenstraat is a typical example of such a 'ghost image'. Whimsical fragments [...]

Theo van der Nahmer, Eline Vere, 1958

Eline Vere: stately she stands there, as a lady from The Hague used to do at the end of the 19th century. With a dress according to the latest fashion, a hat [...].

Joop Pellinkhof, Reinforced corner line 2, 1974

How interesting can a square be? Pretty interesting. This can be seen in 'Verstekte hoeklijn II' which Joop Pellinkhof placed on the lawn in 1980 [...].

Joop Pellinkhof, The Homecoming, 1988

On the lawn, between Margarethaland and Mariahoeveplein, on the Hofzichtlaan, stands the statue 'The homecoming' of sculptor Joop Pellinkhof. In his work the artist reveals [...]

Dirk Bus, Europe, 1965

With one hand a half-naked woman is holding on to one of the horns of the bull on which she is sitting. Her feet float through the [...]

Titus Leeser, Englandspiel Memorial (The Fall of Icarus), 1980

Often it doesn't happen. That free work is purchased for a monument yet to be realized. The Englandspiel monument on the Hogeweg in the Scheveningse Bosjes, with [...]

Jan Snoeck, Spectre, 1966

In the art world people often think in stereotypes and boxes. When hearing the name Jan Snoeck, one immediately thinks of abstracted ceramic human figures, [...].

Matthew Filipowski, Carillon, 1986

Despite the cheerful sound, the carillon that was placed on the Loosduinse Hoofdplein had a lot of feet in the ground. When the square with [...]

Pieter Biesiot, Liberation monument, 1955

Theatrical the bird raises its head and spreads its wings. It is the mythological firebird Phoenix, resurrected from its ashes, which raises itself up on high [...].

Berry Holslag, Guards, 1988

Sometimes visual art seems very understandable, recognizable and obvious, but usually there is more to it than people at first [...].

Dirk Bus, Monument Grenadiers and Hunters, 1951

Dirk Bus made his debut in the early thirties in the art cellar ''t Center''. In the Nieuwe Courant of 8 April 1950 the sculptor from The Hague refers to this exhibition, [...].

Gerard Brouwer, The timber merchant, 1986

Carpenter, cloth merchant, coal merchant, fishmonger and timber merchant. Sculptures representing these professions can be found in various places in the region by the Katwijk sculptor Gerard Brouwer: Hillegom, [...]

Eric Claus, Monument to Dr. Willem Drees, 1988

As an abstract composition of lines and planes; this is how the large sculpture on the Buitenhof, to the right of the entrance to the Binnenhof, looks.

Antonin Mercié, Victor Peter, Equestrian statue of King William II, 1924 (additional cast of original mold)

The equestrian statue of King William II on the Buitenhof is not the very first version cast of this statue. The very first version of this [...]

Hendrik Petrus Berlage, Bon Ingen Housz, Column and commemorative stone, 1924

In 1923 the peace and quiet of the Buitenhof, until then a quiet square, was over. An urban plan by the architect Hendrik Berlage [...].

André J.H van den Brink, Commemorative column Jonkheer Gevers-Deynoot, (1878) 1928

Vandalism is of all times. At the mercy of the mischief of the village youth, the inscription plates violated, the bronze wreaths and large bronze buds robbed, ...'.

Arno van der Mark, Four carved boulders, 1982

They're puzzling. Four boulders: each on its own circular, stone slab in the grass. Uncanny, because the sculpture makes passers-by guess at the meaning.

Aart van den IJssel, Irene Liberation Memorial, 1959

Our national tricolour was, especially after the Second World War, the symbol of freedom. That is why the General Committee of The Hague, at the tenth commemoration of the [...]

Wim Tap, Two stones, 1985

Affinity with animals runs like a thread through Wim Tap's three-dimensional oeuvre. After his training at the Ateliers '63 in Haarlem, he [...]

Charles van Wijk, Monument to the Maris brothers, 1916

You don't read it directly from this statue itself, but the maker of this 'Monument to the Maris brothers' cherished a great love for [...].

Arend Odé, Memorial Mr Hendrik Coenraad Dresselhuys, 1931

Motorists drive past it; walkers may well stop to consider it, the poems on the memorial for Hendrik Dresselhuys (1870-1926). The monument stands on a [...]

Willem Brouwer, Monument Van Karnebeekbron, 1915

The Netherlands has no great tradition in the field of fountains. Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that our low country has few natural spray sources [...].

Rudi Rooijackers, Mother and child, 1962

Free, playful, happy, loving, caring. These are the words that first come to mind when you see the bronze 'Mother and Child' of Rudi Rooijackers [...].

Voebe de Gruyter, Tree Growing Trees, 2007

Halfway down Catsheuvel there is a monument. A memorial sign in honour of all victims of chemical weapons. It was made on the occasion of the tenth anniversary [...]

Flip Lambalk, Open-worked metal cube, 1986

Cheerfully coloured in the primary colours red, yellow and blue in combination with the calm grey. They are the ribs of the enormous cube on [...].

Bram Roth, Amazon, 1960

In 1951 he signed the founding manifesto. As a result, sculptor Bram Roth became a member of the artist group Verve (1951-1957). The group of fifteen painters and five sculptors [...].

Marte Röling, Flag monument, 1983

Marte Röling studied at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and subsequently developed into a versatile artist. She paints, draws, etches, lithographs, makes screen prints and sculptures [...].

Annemie Fontana, Cristallina, 1966

The spherical shape is a grateful starting point for sculptor Annemie Fontana. In the oeuvre of the artist the sphere returns in all sorts of capacities and performances.

Rob Birza, Tantratrain, 2007

From the moment he caused a furore in the Netherlands in the 1980s, Rob Birza (1962), as it was then called, has quoted art history. For [...]

Christien Rijnsdorp, The Lift, 2007

They seem to come from underground. Short and thick and as insubstantial as they are fragile. That's how Christien Rijnsdorp's sculptures look. Sometimes they have [...]

Atelier van Lieshout, Common head, 2010

Are they skulls or potato heads now? That's what you wonder when you look from a distance at the stack of aluminium shapes that are on [...]

Hans van Bentem, Space Duck Racer, 2011

"This one's for us!" This was called out by an ADO supporter shortly after Space Duck Racer was placed in front of the Bijenkorf in The Hague on 13 January 2011. Undoubtedly saw [...]

Pearl Perlmuter, Schapeman, 2001

Not on the neck, but in front of it. That's how the shepherd wears the sheep he's going to wash. It's not easy to see, because in [...]

Gert Germeraad, Man portrait, 2002

Fully dedicated to the portrait, that is sculptor Gert Germeraad. He makes heads, busts and torsos of existing people. On the one hand he bases these [...]

Emo Verkerk, Sperwer, 2005

Between the shiny stainless steel tubes on Emo Verkerk's pedestal you only discover a black bird when you come closer. The work does in [...]

Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Untitled, 1996

Kneeling on the sidewalk with his head under a pavement tile, buried under a pile of books or hanging from a burning beam: with these black-and-white photos [...] conquered [...].

Anno Dijkstra, A Last Farewell, 2011

A holiday snapshot. That is what Anno Dijkstra's pedestal sculpture looks like. An Amazonian Indian in full regalia embraces a random western woman for the picture.

Folkert de Jong, Dutch Mechanisms, 2016

On 20 August 1672, just outside the Prison Gate, a gruesome lynching took place. There the brothers Johan and Cornelis de Witt were murdered and skinned [...].

Pim van der Maas, Composition, 1968

If it were the notes of a piece of music, it would be a modern score: an apparent cacophony of sharp sounds. The image 'Composition' [...]

LaSalle, Dendrological dressage, 2012

For a moment it looks like a tree that ran away from a child's drawing. You see a sturdy trunk with on top of it a big bunch of leaves. Those [...]

LaSalle, Horizontal Ascension, 2012

In the grass next to the playground lies the ruthless trail of a tank. The straight concrete line ends in a remarkably cheerful figure. A large [...]

André Volten, Modern city, 1965

Usually the constructivist images of André Volten are typified as 'minimalist'. Volten is not interested in the poetic aura of a sculpture, but in the [...]

Jean Arp, Scrutant l'horizon, 1964

Thanks to the diligence of the Municipal Commission for Art Assignments of the 1960s, The Hague can boast of a sculpture by one of the most famous [...]

LaSalle, The emperor's yellow, 2012

A special piece of soap. That was the starting point for this series of images in the water. Artist duo LaSalle had a piece of Acqua di [...] for an anniversary.

Peter ten Hoorn, Object, 1978

Initially Peter ten Hoorn's artistic career did not seem to go directly in the direction of sculpture. He studied at the Royal Academy in The Hague [...].

Pim van der Maas, Onion trees, 1988

His works of art are usually not the representation of something recognizable. It doesn't represent but it expresses,' he once said about one of his works.

Milou van Ham, Corner stores, 2001

Just for a moment you think: shops? Here? To realize a second later that's not right. That happens to the casual passer-by in the new housing estate Leidschenveen [...].

Ernst Hazenbroek, Placebo, 1994

Giant statues made of sheet steel up to 8 to 15 meters high. Painted in solid colours. These are images that Ernst Hazenbroek painted at the end of the 1980s, beginning [...].

Jan Snoeck, La nostalgia de la lumière total, Paul Eluard, 2000

Recognizable and accessible are the images of Jan Snoeck. Everyone knows his worm shaped figures. In the course of his career he has had many [...]

Jan van de Pavert, Ministry, 2002

A cast of a door, a filmed inflatable house, virtual spaces. Buildings are everywhere in the sculptures of painter/sculptor Jan van de Pavert. Sometimes [...]

Auke de Vries, Untitled, 1994

It is often said that the (inter)nationally known sculptor Auke de Vries is originally a graphic artist and draughtsman. In order to make a link with his [...]

Carel Visser, Untitled, 1994

Nestor of Dutch sculpture. Internationally known. That's Carel Visser. His imagery testifies to a free-spirited world of autonomous things. In the construction company [...]

Berry Holslag, The Observer, 1994

The formal language of Berry Holslag's ceramic figures fits in seamlessly with the leading visual language of the 1980s, in which [...]

Famke van Wijk, Heaven holds a sense of wonder, 2011

None of the other pedestal sculptures is as spiritual and figurative as this one by Famke van Wijk. Yet there is no old religious [...]

Karel Appel, Frog with Umbrella, 2001

Red, green and blue: the statue of Karel Appel at the intersection of the Spui with the Grote Marktstraat and the Kalvermarkt is a strak contrast to the white of Richard Meyer's city hall and library [...].

Sjoerd Buisman, Phyllotaxis The Hague, 2003

Does living nature lend itself as a material for art? Around 1969 sculptor Sjoerd Buisman proved that it is possible to make works of art from living plants [...].

Tony van de Vorst, Girlfriends, 2014

There's definitely some interesting news on the iPad. The two young, modernly dressed women look at the screen with such concentration. Armed with a bag, iPad [...]

Sonja Oudendijk, Bellevue tower, 1993

There's a little gem in the centre of The Hague. Sonja Oudendijk has incorporated precious looking materials such as stainless steel, brass and enamel in her pedestal statue.

Joost van den Toorn, For whom the bell tolls, 1993

Buildings with high towers, birds with party hats and dogs with crosses: Joost van den Toorn's imagery is idiosyncratic, humorous and contains magical, mythical [...].

Rien Monshouwer, Image, 1994

Rien Monshouwer has left a number of remarkable traces in the public space. Some of them are permanent, others temporary. Red thread in the [...]

Marc Ruygrok, EN/OF, 1993

Language and sign. They have been the building blocks for his sculptures since the early 1980s. Marc Ruygrok focuses on drawings, photographs and [...]

Alfred Eikelenboom, Untitled, 1994

The statues of Alfred Eikelenboom hardly ever have plinths. And if they have one, they usually don't form a subordinate element. Also with his [...]

Lon Pennock, Intersection, 1996

The forms that occur in the world - the monumental shape of an airplane, the basalt blocks of a pier or of a bridge construction [...].

André Kruysen, Rondanini, 2005

Light: that's what André Kruysen's work is all about. For him, it is both subject matter and material. After all, the construction of his often [...]

Michael Jacklin, Untitled, 1993

They seem to want to embrace the void. Sculptor Michael Jacklin makes sculptures out of comic iron. Since 2005 he has used the box shape remarkably often. Because of the [...]

Adam Colton, Untitled, 1996

Between the trams and the facades in the busy city centre of The Hague there is an unreal primal landscape. As an icon of the unspoilt in a built world [...].

André van de Wijdeven, IloveJR, 2007

Sourpuss pink. André van de Wijdeven had his sculpture painted in that colour for the Sculpture Gallery when it came back to the watering can. So that it looks as if [...]

Els de Groot, Four pillars, 1978

Sculptor Els de Groot has left several traces in the public space in The Hague. With the exception of her temporary art listening project 'De ontelde ruimte' [...].

Titus Leeser, Memorial Johan Willem Albarda, 1961

In 1939, Johan Albarda (1877-1957), the foreman of the SDAP (Social-Democratic Labour Party), was installed as one of the first socialist ministers. Between 1917 and 1923 [...]

Rein Draijer, Sliders I, 1957

In 1956 the painter modelled a head, a self-portrait, which he called 'old-fashioned and conservative'. A year later, the bronze 'Schoven I' was able to add the touch [...].

Jozef van der Horst, Pilastro di Luce, 1989

During the day, the cheerful primary colours of the two geometric elements on the column, which is about 6 metres high, are the main attraction. But also in the evening [...]

Jan Jaap Horstink, Ventje, 1981

On the square of the Archipelago School in the Indian neighbourhood sits a funny little figure with his back leaning against the wall. His long, thin legs [...]

Berry Holslag, Baseball catcher, 1977

One hand up and with the mask in front of the face. In this way, the colorfully dressed baseball player guards the goal that is on the wall of the Archipelago [...].

Sybilla Krosch, The miraculous fishing, 1981

And he [Jesus Christ] said unto them, Throw the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. Then they cast it, and ...

Renske Morks, Fountain, 1988

The fountain at Bankaplein is an oddity in the oeuvre of Renske Morsk. For almost all sculptures by this sculptor, the torso is the [...]

David Bade, Calimero, 2013

"They're big and I'm small, and that's not fair, oh, no. Calimero's talking. This black chick with half a ...

Gijs Assmann, The he and the she and the is of it, 2005

The artist Gijs Assmann seems a cheerful one. At least that is your first impression when you see his colourful sculpture in front of the sculpture gallery 'The he [...].

Ingrid Mol, Downtown gods, 2014

In the evening after closing time, when the shops are closed and the streets are deserted, the centre of The Hague comes back to life. Then the [...]

Thom Puckey, Eline Vere, 2012

We can't see her face from the street. Sitting on her own legs, one arm crossed over her chest, the young woman points melancholically [...].

Eja Siepman van den Berg, Nike, 1993

The most famous goddess of victory is in the Louvre: the winged 'Nike of Samothrace'. A masterpiece of late Greek sculpture, the head of which is unfortunately missing.

Jos Kruit, Untitled, 2007

Barbed wire held together by cow's gut. This was what the first sculptures exhibited by Jos Kruit looked like. She gained national fame in one fell swoop in 1994. Rudi Fuchs, [...]

Peter Otto, Twisted Totem, 2004

A strange bronze creature with remarkably recognizable attributes. Ambiguous and at the same time unclear, that is irritating for a viewer to the image 'Twisted Totem' of Peter [...].

Tom Claassen, Male with loose limbs, 2003

Like a limp mannequin, 'Man with loose limbs' by sculptor Tom Claassen hangs on a stick. Dangling defenselessly above his pedestal in the centre of The Hague.

Leo Vroegindeweij, Untitled, 2004

For those who only know the early work of sculptor Leo Vroegindeweij, his sculpture is an eye-opener for the Sculpture Gallery. Were his sculptures from the first [...]

Arjanne van der Spek , Yesterday's state, Tomorrow's state, 2005

A lamppost with a bulb on top of a pile of building material. This is roughly the sculpture that sculptor Arjanne van der Spek made for the Sculpture Gallery. In [...]

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