Artwork Data


Meisje op stokpaard


Rob Pleysier






h. 250 cm

Artwork Location


Meckelenburgplein, Den Haag

City district


GPS data

52.051830825119, 4.2371931478157 View on map

Artwork Description


You cannot catch him being gloomy. The sculptures of The Hague sculptor Rob Pleysier are cheerful and playful. This has remained unchanged since the end of the fifties. His figurative and refined figures take pleasure in what they do. In The Hague, everyone can enjoy a dreamy girl playing her flute. Or of the mermaid who happily raises both arms in the air. And of the woman who seems to float through the air, making a leap of joy.

Girl on a hobbyhorse' from 1984 fits into this series of images. She is having a great time, pulling the reins of her 'wild horse'. With one leg raised and the other touching the ground, she is completely absorbed in her game. Pleysier has captured her at the moment that only she and her toy horse exist.

The sculpture is made of sterite. This synthetic material has two advantages: it can be cast by the artist himself and can easily be coloured. If the artist gives sterite a greenish-brown bronze colour, the sculpture will look deceptively like real bronze. Pleysier has done this with several of his outdoor sculptures in The Hague. But he has also added a chalky colour. As a result, and because of the more rigid design, some of his sculptures look like limestone.