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Joop Pellinkhof






75 cm

Artwork Location


Deimanstraat, Den Haag

City district


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52.060726777191, 4.3325506087497 View on map

Artwork Description


In 1987, four objects by sculptor Joop Pellinkhof were placed in the flower boxes on Deimanstraat. Two of these objects have since disappeared, the other two are still there. In his work, the artist reveals a strong preference for working with steel. This can be seen in a metal construction entitled 'Verstekte hoeklijn' (Elongated angle line) that can be found elsewhere in The Hague. The title of that sculpture leaves nothing to be desired in terms of clarity and underlines the fact that the artist starts out from geometrical principles. He does, however, add special dynamics to it.
The sculptures on Deimanstraat show that there are also other fascinations that play a role in Pellinkhof's work. The combination of geometric starting points with organic components is striking. One of the sculptures in the flower beds, for instance, shows how a fragile woman's torso detaches itself from a cylinder.
The other sculpture in the flowerbed on Deimanstraat also consists of two contrasting elements. A rigid pole is interrupted halfway by a clump of sharp spines. Those who want to can see an abstracted cactus in it. It is clear that in realising this commission, Pellinkhof was guided by the contrast between natural (or organic) processes and geometrical principles. He has linked these two elements in such a way that a new unity has been created in which the extremes no longer cause friction but complement and complete each other.