About us


The Hague is a unique city that we are all proud of. A city with special characteristics and many facets. The city by the sea, with a lively harbour and boulevard. The green city, with the most beautiful parks and special dune areas. The International City of Peace and Justice, where we work towards a better world. The city of the Hague with its important historical past. The cultural city with its many museums, art institutes and initiatives. Above all, The Hague is the city with hundreds of statues, plaques, sculptures and reliefs; impressive, surprising, challenging, cherished works of art that enrich our daily lives.

As an art platform, Stroom Den Haag is responsible for the implementation of the 'non-museum art policy' of the city of The Hague, which is expressed in policy and programme in the field of art in the public space, among other things. Art that dares to speak, to challenge and to bring people together. Art that channels, unleashes or softens and uses the imagination to enrich and clarify thinking about social developments and issues in the city.