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Twee vrouwen en kind op bank


Bram Roth






h. 135 cm

Artwork Location


Eeldeplantsoen, Den Haag

City district


GPS data

52.043196672037, 4.276559769324 View on map

Artwork Description


With his sculptures and his membership of the artists' group Verve, Bram Roth certainly contributed to the new élan of art in The Hague after the Second World War. Roth's stylised, modern treatment of form was at the time a response to the somewhat static sculpture of the 1930s.

An example of a sculpture in which the new élan is expressed is the 1961 bronze 'Two women with child on bench', which was placed on the Eeldeplantsoen four years later: a figurative sculpture composed of abstract volumes. Slightly reduced and updated, Roth took the cone as the starting point for the arms and legs and the oval for the body. This gave the figures a sturdy stature. Only the faces, hands and feet are refined. This creates a beautiful contrast between subtlety and grand gesture, making the women both lovely and powerful.

Furthermore, the dynamic set-up is peaceful. Peace radiates from the completely relaxed women. Her attention caught by the child on the arm of one woman, the other holds up a rattle. The dynamic is in the gestures, but especially in the fact that the women are not sitting next to each other, but opposite. An original set-up, which makes the image fascinating no matter from which side it is viewed.