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Theo Schepens





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Intro kunst Ypenburg

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Diverse locatie verspreid over Ypenburg, Den Haag

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They look like acrobats. This is how the small human figures that Theo Schepens applied to the facades of several houses in Ypenburg tumble over and over each other. You can find them in varying positions in relation to each other. While balancing, one seems to follow the movement of the other. The flamboyant choreography of the figures is infectious. You immediately feel like doing handstands and cartwheels.

This sculptor's oeuvre focuses on people. Schepens makes smaller and larger sculptures, often for public spaces. There are several scattered around the country. His figures usually do not take up much space. Schepens does not like monumental sculptures that overwhelm the viewer. Nor does he care about an accurate representation of reality. You can tell the latter directly from the rough finish of the figures themselves.

In the first place, Schepens wants to provide an idea of how to move through space and through a landscape. And which relationship your body enters into with both the ground and the air in the process. Not for nothing are there many reclining and standing figures in his work. Lying down, man makes contact with the earth, standing with the sky. If you look at the action contained in Schepens' sculptures, you soon think out loud: I want that too. And that is exactly what the artist is all about.