Artwork Data


Versterkte hoeklijn 2


Joop Pellinkhof




Staal, beschilderd


h. 90 cm

Artwork Location


Het Kleine Loo, Den Haag

City district

Haagse Hout

GPS data

52.088236203946, 4.3515632305292 View on map

Artwork Description


How interesting can a square be? Quite interesting. This can be seen in 'Verstekte hoeklijn II', which Joop Pellinkhof placed on the lawn at Het Kleine Loo on the corner with Gerstkamp in 1980. Pellinkhof formed the basic element of this 90-centimetre high sculpture from squares of mitred steel profiles that were welded together. The squares are not all the same size. Pellinkhof stacked them from small at the bottom via large in the middle to small at the top. But not only that: he also rotated the profiles in relation to each other, giving the sculpture a twist.

Pellinkhof is a sculptor with a clear preference for steel. The skilful way in which the sculpture has been sawn and welded reveals not only an art education but also an education at a technical school. Pellinkhof did both. The use of steel may be characteristic for him, but also typical for this sculptor are the contrasts between the organic and the geometric. This can also be seen in his other sculptures in The Hague. In this sculpture the basis is clearly geometric, but what is striking is that the steel is lighter at the top and darker closer to the ground. This gradient was not created by accident as a result of a weathering process. No, Pellinkhof applied this gradient explicitly. He wanted to indicate the relationship between heaven and earth.

The artist is satisfied with the location of his sculpture. In the neighbourhood newsletter 'Blokje Om' in June 1980, he said: 'I think the sculpture is very well placed there on that corner, the slanting lines are a good contrast to the many horizontal and vertical lines of the rather dull architecture of the flats.