Artwork Data


De Kleurpijp


Jan Snoeck





Artwork Location


Houtrustweg , Den Haag

City district


GPS data

52.08863060365, 4.2677593231201 View on map

Artwork Description


With a little imagination, you can see a gigantic earthworm in the colour pipe that winds through the bushes along the main sewer building on Houtrustweg in The Hague, struggling through the bushes and over the slope along the pavement. Not surprisingly for Jan Snoeck, because to him the worm represents the primal form of life. But a reference to the function of the sewer building is also not excluded. After all, Snoeck made this sculpture on commission from the Municipality of The Hague especially for this building. Unlike a sewer pipe, however, 'The Colour Pipe' by Snoeck possesses all the colours of the rainbow. These colours are linked together like rings.

Snoeck has been working in clay since the 1960s. The sculptor switched to this material because he wanted to bring colour into his work. With the worm, which has been a recurring theme in his work ever since, he has reduced man to his essence. As far as Snoeck is concerned, that essence also contains something divine. Sitting, lying and standing are the characteristic postures he gives his figures. Apart from the fact that they produce forms that are as simple as they are clear, they are true sculptural principles.

Like Snoeck's other sculptures, 'De Kleurpijp' also attracts attention. Although the sculpture is somewhat hidden from view by the bushes, it remains a real eye-catcher thanks to the succession of bright colours. The multicoloured polyester sculpture brightens up its surroundings. Usually pipes, tubes, cables and pipelines are seen as obstacles and hidden underground, thus escaping our observation. But thanks to Snoeck, 'De Kleurpijp' boldly sticks its head above ground level and greets the passers-by.