Artwork Data


Zonder titel (Objectengroep met 22 beelden)


Jan Snoeck




steenachtig / keramiek


40 cm

Artwork Location


Scholstraat, Den Haag

City district


GPS data

52.098914685704, 4.2737135080734 View on map

Artwork Description


Jan Snoeck has a thing for image groups. By placing two or more separate human sculptures near each other, he is better able to depict interpersonal relationships and interactions between human or animal figures than if he were to do so in one composite or multiple sculpture.

Introducing a group feeling, group characteristics, interactions and mutual relationships between people is a favourite subject of Jan Snoeck. Known are the three life-size plastics that have been placed at the Westeinde hospital. Although they are abstracted forms, it is not difficult to recognise three sitting human figures in them. Similar images occur in more places in the public space.
The group of images scattered through the Pietermanstraat/Scholstraat, however, differs fundamentally from the other 'groups'. Each pole depicts a highly stylized human figure with the simplified appearance of a cartoon character. Something strange is going on with the series of poles or human figures. The concrete and ceramic sculptures are placed so far apart that they can hardly interact with each other. Each bollard in fact depicts an isolated male. Together they form a row without explicitly functioning in a closed formation.

Throughout the street are the 'human poles' set up. They are reminiscent of the famous Amsterdammers. Some of them have disappeared. That does not alter the fact that the remaining bollards stand confidently and imperturbably. The highly simplified human figures are characteristic of the Hague artist Snoeck. In contrast to the coherent groups of images that seem to depict scenes from a play, these are self-willed individuals who perform their own solo piece.