Artwork Data


De lantaarnopsteker


Loek Bos





Artwork Location


Mallemolen, Den Haag

City district


GPS data

52.089361331723, 4.3096869269836 View on map

Artwork Description


A lithe little man in a top hat and windblown jackets climbs a narrow ladder to light the street lamp. Due to his efforts, the street is illuminated in an atmospheric way and a warm glow streams down the facades of the neat working-class houses.

The lanternlighter has long since disappeared from the modern street scene, as have the beer sampler and the rug beater. But as a tribute to the former residents of the houses around Mallemolenplein, the memory of the times of yore has been revived by a bronze statue of the Lantern Knob Knocker. The statue by Loek Bos was commissioned by the Royal Housing Association of The Hague in 1854 to mark the 150th anniversary of the association. The placement was also part of the redevelopment of the Mallemolen.

The depiction of the old craft was in good hands with Bos. The artist has specialised in modelling recognisable images. He is a born modeller with a keen eye for subtle details and movements. Cyclists, dancers and fabulous creatures are favourite subjects, but he also reuses ingredients from classical mythology in his sculptures.

Besides bronze sculptures, the artist also makes medals and trophies on commission. Furthermore, he manifests himself as a painter of figurative scenes, in which he always takes the liberty to give his own twist to reality. He also does this in the picture of the lanternlighter. Although the craftsman's work was not always pleasant, the sculptor gives it a dashing and acrobatic twist.