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De Doorbraak


Kees Verkade





Artwork Location


Circusplein, Den Haag

City district


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52.110937253703, 4.2833549920654 View on map

Artwork Description


More than ten years before the square near the Circustheater was transformed into a sculpture square, 'The Breakthrough' by Kees Verkade had already been placed and unveiled there. That happened in honour of the opening of the renovated theatre in 1993. In 2004, to mark the theatre's centenary, five eye-catchers were added to the square. Just like the other works of art that are part of the permanent sculpture presentation on the Circus Square, 'The Breakthrough' was also purchased by Joop and Janine van den Ende.

Verkade has depicted the reference to the theatre very literally in a sculpture of three dancing acrobats captured at full speed. Solidified movements frequently occur in Verkade's oeuvre. He immortalised the acrobats at the moment they break free from the earth. Their performance creates the illusion that it is possible to float. The sculptor thus emphasises that everything that is unthinkable in ordinary life becomes possible in the theatre.

Verkade mainly creates lifelike, easily recognisable images. Although the acrobats are realistically modelled, their ability to float is based on pure illusion. The high pillar on which the sculpture is placed reinforces the suggestion that the men can hover in the air without any problems. The bronze sculpture defies the law of gravity.

De Doorbraak' links up with other work by Verkade in which his predilection for depicting sports figures resounds. Sports and games, circus and theatre are important sources of inspiration. Like no other, he feels the atmosphere of the theatre and the preferences of the general public.