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Krijn Christiaansen, Jeroen Bruls





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Intro kunst Ypenburg

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Diverse woonhuizen verspreid over Ypenburg, Den Haag

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Fence-air, fence-air. This curious and imaginative word turns out to be the name of an innovative utensil. Designers Jeroen Bruls and Krijn Christiaansen developed it in 2005 in an edition for Kunst aan Huis in Ypenburg. In Heklucht, the duo combined a bicycle pump with a bicycle staple. Two archetypal Dutch utensils that they reduced to their essential form. Together they can also serve as yard fencing. The stainless steel in which the product is manufactured is inviting to use and at the same time easy to maintain. Because of this unique combination and the robust execution, their product received the prestigious Dutch Design Award in 2006 in the category Product Public Space. Five examples of Heklucht have been placed in Ypenburg.

With their innovative utensil, Brul and Christiaansen wanted to encourage contact between residents while offering cyclists the comfort of being able to pump up their tires anywhere in the new neighborhood. In doing so, Heklucht is not only literally on the border between the public and the private, but also seeks out that field of tension in its use and intention.

Bruls and Christiaansen, then operating under the name Designstudio HiMom, both trained as designers at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Christiaansen in particular is regularly active in public space, with an interest in how we collectively design and use public space.