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Jan Snoeck





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Warmoezierstraat, Den Haag

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52.074647119166, 4.3009465693115 View on map

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There it sits cozily next to the temporary entrance to Westeinde Hospital. It could easily be a side, or a hen. It doesn't matter, because everyone can see that sculptor Jan Snoeck wanted to depict a human figure. His colorful ceramic figures are popping up all over The Hague.

Snoeck is widely known in the Netherlands for his large sculptures in splashes of color. Because he was so eager to work with color as a sculptor, he switched to ceramics around age 40. He remained loyal to that material for the rest of his life. In this material he tried to depict the essence of a human figure with as little form as possible. A roll of clay became his starting point. That sounds simple, but it is not. By giving them, for example, a big nose or a chair, or putting them on a bed - as further down the parking lot there is a whole row of beds with sick people - his rudimentary forms soon take on human traits. And that makes it a typical Snoeck.

This sculpture is part of the art collection of the Westeinde Hospital, part of the Haaglanden Medical Center. Originally, it stood inside the entrance hall. But when the main entrance at Lijnbaan closed due to renovation, the hospital placed the sculpture at the temporary entrance at Westeinde. There he cheerfully welcomes all the people. Every day again.