Artwork Data


Echtelijke ruzie


Jo Klingers




225 cm

Artwork Location


Noordpolderkade, Den Haag

City district


GPS data

52.066183271034, 4.3311695978876 View on map

Artwork Description


Usually marital fights take place indoors, but Jo Klingers lets the flame hit the pan in a rather unusual place. On a narrow strip of greenery along the water of the Noordpolderkade, things get pretty out of hand. A kitchen table broken in half, two sandwiches fallen to the ground (made of concrete) and a light blue coffee pot are the silent witnesses of a fierce quarrel in which the household utensils had to pay the price. Everyone in the neighbourhood is subtly warned by this statue about the possible consequences of lack of self-control.

Visual artist Klingers has turned 'Real quarrel' into a real still life that seems to have been composed rather nonchalantly. This approach fits the way he works as an artist. He likes to be inspired by a variety of subjects, varying from a circus performance to landscapes and from motorbike drivers taking part in the TT in Assen, to abstract compositions.

Klingers studied at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Since then he has manifested himself as a sculptor, environmental artist, draughtsman and illustrator. In addition to his work as a visual artist, he has also engaged in spatial planning, architecture and graphic design. In his art he uses bricks and wood with as much flair as paint and pencil. His work shows influences of the pre-war Bauhaus renewal movement and of American Pop Art from the sixties. The way in which he looks at things betrays a healthy dose of ability to put things into perspective.