Artwork Data


Vijf objectengroep


Koos Flinterman





Artwork Location


Seinpoststraat, Den Haag

City district


GPS data

52.106107623103, 4.2824530814197 View on map

Artwork Description


Swimming pool De Blinkerd on Seinpoststraat, with its hexagonal shape and large dome, is a characteristic building. When artist Koos Flinterman was asked to embellish this building with visual art, he took its architecture as his starting point. According to him, the dome does not give a clear direction to the building, nor do the many glass walls provide the necessary light and space by overhanging the dome. The striking dome primarily affects the experience of the space itself. The latter is emphasised by the fact that the sports complex lies in the former so-called 'Balkengat'. In the past, wood was kept wet in this small, lower lake. Flinterman wanted to emphasise the spatiality that this creates.

To this end, he placed five objects on the outside, each consisting of one or more rectangular and upright panels. The objects were placed in the extension of the six corners and sprayed in gradations of pastel shades of two colours (green and blue). This creates two series. From different viewpoints, a different object with a different colour is always visible.

With his five-part artistic intervention, Flinterman influences the experience of space around the sports complex. At the same time, he manoeuvres on the fault line between architecture, design and autonomous art. This applied working method is characteristic of him. As an artist, exhibition maker and teacher at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, he felt the need to explore and cross the boundaries between visual art, architecture, design and fashion.

This need corresponds to the environmental design course that Flinterman took at the Arnhem art academy, better known as the Arnhem School. From teachers such as Peter Struycken, he learned how to apply form and colour to an outdoor space with buildings and how to structure it in such a way as to create a more liveable environment.