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Until the summer of 2022, a small statue of two small children holding a bird feeder stood on the front lawn of Ontmoetingscentrum Morgenstond. The community center, which opened its doors in April 2012, was in need of renovation. The old kindergarten that housed the meeting center was demolished and a new building will take its place. When the work is completed, the sculpture will be given a new location on the forecourt among the greenery. During construction, the artwork will be on top of one of the construction huts. Away from the heavy equipment so it cannot be damaged.


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Kinderen bij drinkbak voor vogels


Sybilla Krosch





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Eerste Eeldepad 1-3, Den Haag

City district


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52.043301617781, 4.2756772159733 View on map

Artwork Description


Until she was thirty, Sybilla Krosch had never really come into contact with art. Let alone that she had made sculptures herself. Yet when she cleared out her attic, she could not leave a lump of wax untouched. With a kitchen knife, she cut out a child's head. Friends thought she had done such a good job that they gave her a block of clay as a present. Several portraits followed, which Krosch took to the flower shop where she worked. There the famous sculptor Albert Termote (1887-1978) saw her first attempts. He recognised her talent and arranged a scholarship for her. This gave Krosch the opportunity to develop further at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

After her graduation in 1960, Krosch went on the market with her portraits in order to earn some money. Her second source of income were commissions. After her first outdoor sculpture in 1962 for the municipality of Rijsenhout, more followed. People, children and animals were usually the subject. This was also the case with the concrete sculpture she made in 1965 for the new school building, commissioned by the board of the kindergarten at Eerste Eeldepad at the time.

Like her early sculptures, this 'Children at bird trough' is also naturalistic in style. This sculpture depicts a lovely scene of a boy and a girl near a bird drinking trough. It is only after 1970 that her sculptures become somewhat more abstract. However, this does not immediately apply to her portraits. Krosch probably achieved greater fame with those. For instance, in 1986 she made a portrait of the centenarian Willem Drees and in 1971 she portrayed Prince Bernard.

Since the 1980s, this sculptor has made free work under the title 'The Planet of Love'. She has depicted her striving for a loving society in dozens of abstracted human and animal-like creatures: new species of a loving planet.