Artwork Data


Zonder titel


Haags Kunstenaarscollectief




staal en graniet


h. 800 cm

Artwork Location


Huygenspark, Den Haag

City district


GPS data

52.072845202652, 4.3226075844086 View on map

Artwork Description


Commissioned by the Woonkomitee Stationsbuurt 1986-1990. Bob Bonies, Onno Ernst, Heiner Holtappels, Boudewijn Korber, Barney de Krijger, Adriaan Nette, Peter van Oorde, Marlies van der Riet'. This text is written on a metal box next to the work of art in the Huygens Park near the Stationsweg. The work, which celebrates the completion of a large-scale urban renewal operation in the district, was made by this group of artists from The Hague.

Constructed from simple forms, the object in the Huygens Park has characteristics of various art movements. But because eight artists with diverse oeuvres and working methods worked together for this occasion, you could call the end result 'simply' abstract.

The four steel posts of the object resemble an inverted pyramid, of which only the slanting ribs are shown, with its top protruding into the concrete floor slab. This geometric form not only produces a beautiful aesthetic effect, but the bending of the poles at the top is also necessary to keep the leaden blocks of granite between the poles in the air. Comparable to a wax, heavy with moisture, suspended between two poles on a line. Suspended on taut steel cables, the granite blocks really seem to float, as if they weigh nothing. In this way, the artists have created an exciting contrast between reality and illusion.