Artwork Data


Dendrologische dressuur






Aluminium beschilderd

Partial collection

Beeldenreeks LaSalle Leidschenveen

Artwork Location


Bergermeerstraat, Den Haag

City district


GPS data

52.059787352776, 4.4054908448655 View on map

Artwork Description


For a moment it looks like a tree that has been copied from a child's drawing. You see a sturdy trunk with a large bunch of leaves on top. However, that first impression does not last long. The material and form is too different from the six trees surrounding this sculpture: two oval painted aluminium sheets on a steel beam. From a distance, the various round shapes applied in relief to the sheets suggest a pile of tree trunks. The enigmatic title 'Dendrologische Dressuur' (tree dressage) also refers to trees and plants.
Close up, you can see that each trunk has its own pattern that has nothing to do with nature. Then you discover, for example, a lace rug or a string of pearls, while the whole thing is reminiscent of a wicker coaster for hot pans from the 1970s. On the inside of the plates, contours of (oak) leaves are engraved. However, this kind of detail cannot be seen from the street. For that you have to take the path on the other side of the ditch.