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Adrie Bruijs





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Appelstraat, Den Haag

City district


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52.06622228119, 4.2531692743439 View on map

Artwork Description


In the night of Saturday 27 to Sunday 28 November 2011, a bronze statue on Appelstraat was robbed. That morning, local residents found only a few feet on the pedestal. The figure of the juggling clown had been brutally sawn off. This 'Clown' by sculptor Peter van der Meer had stood in the central reservation near the shops for only a few months. Two bronze sculptures by this artist were stolen in a short time. The thieves were presumably after the bronze.

Adrie Bruijs, resident of the Vruchtenbuurt, donated 'Appie' to make up for the empty spot left by the 'Clown'. Appie is a statue of a young boy in shorts. Because Bruijs carved him from a tall and narrow block of marble, the boy has also become narrow and tall. At a certain point Bruijs started sculpting next to his doctor's practice. For his own pleasure. He was taught by Frans Kokshoorn, known for the 'Cyclist' in the Zeeheldenkwartier. Sometimes the GP carves totally abstract forms from stone, other times a human or animal figure can be recognised in it. Such as in 'Appie'. It is the first sculpture Bruijs has placed in a public space.

Saturday, 10 June 2012, 'Appie' was unveiled. Despite the bad weather that day, there was great interest from the neighbourhood. After the 'Clown', the inhabitants of the Vruchtenbuurt also have 'Appie' in their hearts.