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2514 HA The Hague
The Netherlands
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Work in progress
Stroom The Hague, responsible for the fulfillment of the municipal policy on art in public space, manages this website about the art on the streets on behalf of the municipality. In 2021 we first concentrated on putting online information about as many artworks as possible from all districts (Centrum, Leidschenveen-Ypenburg, Laak, Scheveningen, Segbroek, Loosduinen and Escamp/Wateringse Veld and Haagse Hout). The counter now stands at over 580 images. An occasional image is still missing. This is being worked on. The website is a living archive that we would like to keep as informative and up-to-date as possible together with all users. For example, sometimes the name of the artist, an exact date or title is unknown. If you have more information or are missing a sculpture in your area, please let us know at

Besides information about the sculptures themselves, we also post routes and other information about the art on the streets on this website. For example, you can already use our walking route in the city center, bicycle routes through Escamp and Leidschenveen-Ypenburg and there is a walk in the Zuiderpark available. More routes in other parts of the city will be added in the coming years. If you are missing a sculpture look at the Outdoor Image section . There you can find information about works of art that have temporarily or permanently disappeared from view. Here you can read more about how and why a collection of artworks is always in motion.

Reporting damage or loss
Unfortunately it sometimes happens that a work of art is damaged in public spaces. If you notice that a work of art has been damaged or is missing, please let us know. Make a note of the location of the work of art, add a photo of the damage and mail it to us at

Thank you for your cooperation!