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Zoro Feigl




Metaal en techniek


Doorsnede 20 meter

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Rijnstraat, Den Haag

City district


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52.08015880861, 4.3223087341156 View on map

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City Center Stroll

Artwork Description


"At school you learn how natural forces work, but not how they feel", said Zoro Feigl in an interview in the Volkskrant at the time of his exhibition at the Elektriciteitsfabriek (2019). It is exactly what his often monumental installations do. They seem to be alive and make laws like gravity experienceable. With his exciting, dancing works of art, he is now internationally renowned.

Feigl likes to look at the world as if he were from another planet. Like a child romping around outside, playfully interacting with the objects and materials he encounters along the way. What possibilities are hidden in them? Feigl likes to use materials in ways that they are not directly intended.

For each work of art, he usually concentrates on one law, material or form. He works this out in a minimalist but monumental manner. A motor, or another form of energy, sets a movement in motion to which the rest of the sculpture responds. He also did this for ECHO, the work of art he was commissioned by the Government Property Department to create for the void of a new office complex. At the end of 2017, it housed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the IND and COA. OMA Architects gave the old building of the former Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment a substantial update.

For the void, Feigl built an ingenious construction of four interlocking rings. The outer ring has a diameter of twelve metres. The rings move independently of each other. As soon as one of them is set in motion by a small motor, the rest react. They automatically correct any imbalance in the mutual balance. This provides a fantastic spectacle. Certainly at the end of the day when the sunlight hits the dish that forms the centre. Pure poetry.