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Phil van de Klundert





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Dr. Lelykade, Den Haag

City district


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52.097927149048, 4.2666672921043 View on map

Artwork Description


They are ready for immediate use. At least, that is how the stacked herring barrels look on the windy embankment on the corner of the Dr. Lelykade and the Zeesluisweg. The fishing boats entering the harbour of Scheveningen have parked their barrels of herring here. Ready to be picked up by forklift trucks for further transport. On closer inspection, however, the barrels turn out to be made of copper and not wood and are even attached to each other.

The sculpture was made to mark the 75th anniversary of the harbour at Scheveningen. A special committee invited three sculptors to make a design for a sculpture in the harbour. The population was allowed to choose the final sculpture. It became the 'Tonnenmonument' by Phil van de Klundert. A much heard name in The Hague.

The sculptor from The Hague is mainly known for his abstract, constructivist sculptures. Despite the high degree of abstraction in much of his work, he has also made figurative work. A good example of this is the 'Artificial Fruit' that he originally created for the Leyenburgh hospital in 1975. Since 2000, the fruit has been in the Zuiderpark. In 2007, only the banana has survived the test of time. Just as with his 'Artificial Fruit', Van de Klundert consciously chose a form that clearly refers to reality for his 'Tonnenmonument' for the harbour of Scheveningen. In this way he wants to make these sculptures accessible to everyone.