Artwork Data


Variant op ring I


Hans Kleyweg






h. 193 cm

Artwork Location


Melis Stokezijde, Den Haag

City district


GPS data

52.0356007821245, 4.25691971178705 View on map

Artwork Description


The main difference between the first 'Variant on ring' and the second version: the first variant is closed and rests on a sturdy leg, while the second variant is more or less open at the bottom.
More important than these differences are the remarkable similarities between both variations on the ring shape. In both cases, they clearly deviate from the perfect circle. The opening is not round but more or less oval. Another similarity between both granite sculptures is that they are strongly fused with the pedestal. The forms of the pedestals and the sculptures have been attuned to each other with care.

The 'rings' by artist Hans Kleyweg are not ordinary rings but abstract forms with an opening in the middle. Everything revolves around the harmony and tranquillity associated with the cyclical form. The sculptor has shaped the rings in such a way that they seem to move slightly. Like many of his contemporaries, Kleyweg also searches in his work for new possibilities to use geometric abstract principles to create a new and authentic language of form that deviates from strict constructivism. In doing so, he strives for an effective translation of abstract concepts such as rhythm, dynamics and structure, and moreover he looks for playful deviations from fixed form patterns.