Artworks BKDH

Beer, 1992

In 1992 Albert Goederond presented his sculpture for a police station in The Hague: a bronze bear. The artist said that the sculpture was created, not invented. Probably the [...]

Beeldenreeks LaSalle Leidschenveen, 2012

Behind the brand name LaSalle is an artist duo: Albert Goederond and Patty Struik. Since 1993, they have worked together on many art projects in the [...].

You are innocent when you dream, 2012

Against the embankment of the A12 is a small figure in a keyhole. It is a child wearing boots and a castle tower in his [...]

Het Speelgoedmannetje, 2012

At the edge of the roundabout near the fire station is 'The Toyman'. It is one of seven sculptures by artist duo LaSalle. This statue marks [...]

Entertaining Melancholey Poodles, 2012

Between the houses and cars of the Reijerskopstraat a striking structure emerges from the central reservation. It appears to be a large concrete pedestal with three steps [...].

Godheid van de Bedachtzame Dynamiek, 2012

Would those two concrete dogs be guarding your bike? For a moment, that thought flashes through your head. The bicycle stands so close to the railway viaduct immediately evoke associations [...].

Dendrologische dressuur, 2012

For a moment it looks like a tree that ran away from a child's drawing. You see a sturdy trunk with on top of it a big bunch of leaves. Those [...]

Horizontale Hemelvaart, 2012

In the grass next to the playground lies the ruthless trail of a tank. The straight concrete line ends in a remarkably cheerful figure. A large [...]

Het geel van de keizer, 2012

A special piece of soap. That was the starting point for this series of images in the water. Artist duo LaSalle had a piece of Acqua di [...] for an anniversary.