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Beeldenreeks LaSalle Leidschenveen






aluminium beschilderd

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Beeldenreeks LaSalle Leidschenveen

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Rietbuurt, De Dijken, Den Haag

City district


Artwork Description


Behind the brand name LaSalle is an artist duo: Albert Goederond and Patty Struik. They have been working together since 1993, mostly on projects for art in public spaces. Their reliefs and manhole covers for the Kattenbroek district of Amersfoort (1994) are well known. Commissioned by Ontwikkelings Bedrijf Leidschenveen (OBL) in cooperation with Stroom Den Haag, the duo also created art for the De Dijken district. Since May 2012, this district in Leidschenveen in The Hague has been home to seven colourful sculptures.

While LaSalle usually works closely with the local population, this time they had to do without the involvement of residents because they did not exist at the time. In De Dijken, they drew mainly on their own individual experiences. They depicted them in forms that were recognisable to everyone. By providing each main form with an opposite pole, they have created mysterious sculptures. In consultation with the landscape architects, they then embedded the final results in the landscape surroundings, spread throughout the neighbourhood.

Although the sculptures are all different, they do form a coherent series. For instance, there are recurring motifs such as tree trunks, wood grains, oak leaves and toys. All sculptures are composed of a wide variety of parts from different times and cultures. All these separate parts are glued together like a collage, executed in aluminium and then given the same series of simple, bright colours. The detailing is mainly done by hand, although the artist duo also make use of prefab materials and techniques from industrial production processes.

Large in size, their sculptures for De Dijken are nowhere. LaSalle opts for 'compact large'. The duo does not wish to impose art on anyone. However, the colour, shape and detailing are so seductive that passers-by feel compelled to take a closer look.