Art in the Vinex

Start/End: District office/police station Leidschenveen-Ypenburg, Brigantijnlaan 303

Time: 45 min bike route Leidschenveen + 1 hour bike route Ypenburg


How do you breathe life into a brand-new neighborhood? That was the important question raised when in 2002 construction began on a large Vinex district on the east side of The Hague: Leidschenveen-Ypenburg. The municipality and the construction companies were convinced that art could make an important contribution to this. That is why the district houses so many special works of art. Foreign visitors even visit the neighborhood especially for the public art on display!

Unique to the Netherlands is the Art at Home project in Ypenburg. Residents of this neighborhood were able to choose a free work of art to put on their homes in 2005. For this project, eight artists produced a work of art in (varying) editions. The first works of art swarmed from the Vogelbuurt over Ypenburg. A second swarm moved even further into the neighborhood in 2008. Over 200 houses now accommodate art. All works are visible from the street and are not allowed to move.

With Art in the Vinex you cycle past exciting both smaller and monumental works of art while getting an impression of the enormous diversity of houses, neighborhoods and atmospheres in Leidschenveen and Ypenburg. Hop on your bike and be surprised by Vinex and art!


How does it work?

The entire route is marked on the map, the start and finish are highlighted, as are the artworks. You can start at any location and at any time. A short explanation is provided for each artwork. Would you like to know more about a specific work of art? Then click on the link. Interested in more art on the streets of The Hague? Check

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Loek Bos, Aad Mansveld , 2007

Route Leidschenveen: Drive under the train tunnel and turn left at the intersection. Continue to the ADO stadium.

Since the opening of the new ADO stadium this statue has been standing here: a bronze version of Aad Mansveld. As a tribute by the club to the football player from The Hague who died way too young. Sculptor Loek Bos has portrayed him recognizable and in action. The square on which the statue stands has been renamed the square for heroes of The Hague. In addition to club icon Aad Mansveld, other deceased footballers and fans are also commemorated here.

Drive back a bit, turning left at the roundabout. Follow the Tiber and turn right on the bike path. On Aristoteleslaan, turn left until you reach the schoolyard.

Atelier van Lieshout, De Vriend , 2007

Art in schools could almost be called a separate subject. How do you make sure that a work of art is special and interesting for both children and adults? For this elementary school, Joep van Lieshout made this large, blue friend. Despite its monumental size, this abstract figure has a friendly appearance due to its streamlined shape and slightly bowed head. Every day he gets big hugs while playing hide and seek.

Follow Aristoteleslaan, pass under the sprinter, then turn right before the intersection, pass under the bicycle bridge and then over it, then straight ahead. Turn right at the Noordkrompsingel. First left. Get off at the schoolyard.

Simona Vergani, Kameel met meisje , 2002

A camel stands in the middle of the square between the elementary schools on Eendenplein. A little girl walks beside it, as if they are on their road together. Even though Leidschenveen is unmistakably located in the wet polder, the sand hills around the schools reminded the Italian sculptor Simona Vergani of the desert. Children don't have a problem with that. During each break they invent their own stories about the bronze camel and girl.

Leave the schoolyard on the other side, cycle right first and immediately left over the bridge.

Milou van Ham, Corner stores , 2001

In the past there were shops on the corner of the street in every village and urban neighborhood. People could go to the local bakery, greengrocer or small grocery store. Today, almost everyone buys their groceries in centrally located shopping centers and supermarkets. On various corners of this block of houses, Milou van Ham recalls those old shops with her 'Corner Stores'. Using photos, lines of poetry and a shopping list, she turns them into pure poetry.

Turn right at the Alikruiksingel, left at the Spieringdam, straight on at the big intersection, under the railway at the bicycle tunnel. Don't miss it! On the Veenweg turn left at the Vrouw Avenweg. Continue to a small chapel.

LaSalle, Horizontale Hemelvaart , 2012

On the lawn to the left in front of the hill with the chapel you see a colorful stack. This work of art is part of a series of seven sculptures created for city district De Dijken by artist duo LaSalle. Albert Goederond and Patty Struik - they have been working together since 1994 - have scattered their enigmatic sculptures all over the neighborhood. They built this dazzling "Horizontal Ascension" from cake tins and added many surprising details.

Dennis Lohuis, Laurens Kolks, De Terp , 2009

Like in a dream, a small church rises up on a sturdy hill at the edge of this Vinex neighborhood. Regularly the clock strikes time. The white chapel looks almost unreal in this setting. If you undertake the steep climb to the top, the size of this structure turns out to be quite different from what you might suspect at the bottom of the hill. The little church is so enchanting and surreal that it also attracts visitors from abroad.

Continue on the road and turn left into Molenpolderstraat. It feels quite surreal to see the chapel in between the houses. At the end turn right. Take  the cycle path back into the neighborhood. Turn left onto Vrouw Avenweg and cycle straight ahead onto the Rietpolderpad between the sporting grounds towards the A12 motorway.

LaSalle, You are innocent when you dream , 2012

It is straight ahead of you: a small pale green figure with waht looks like a sheep's head. Yet it is difficult to determine what you are actually looking at. Is it an animal, a fairy tale figure or perhaps an alien? All the questions this wondrous creature raises in your mind will spark your imagination. You wil not get a clear answer. Does everyone in your party see the same thing?

Turn right into the cycle path and drive until just before the roundabout at the fire station.

LaSalle, Het Speelgoedmannetje , 2012

The artist duo LaSalle is not afraid to create a new work of art using objects and shapes from cultures from around the world, past and present. To mark the entrance to neighborhood De Dijken, they built a green garland made up of a 12th-century lamp and scented bowl from Cambodia, a gnome figurine, a mask and a woodpecker. A wonderfull combination that will stimulate everyone's imagination.

Continue along the bike path until you reach the starting point. Go under the railroad tracks and start the route in Ypenburg. Follow the bike path and turn right into Weidevogellaan.

Ingrid Mol, De Vogelclub , 2005-2008

The unique art project 'Kunst at Home' in Ypenburg started in 2005 in the Vogelbuurt neighborhood. That is why Ingrid Mol came up with 'The Bird Club': a series of 36 different ceramic bird heads. She also made a book about the club, complete with membership numbers and character descriptions. While cycling through Ypenburg you can spot 90 'birds' on rooftops and facades. So, keep your eyes open! At number 33 you can spot a blue jay.

Krijn Christiaansen, Jeroen Bruls, Heklucht , 2005

'Heklucht' by Jeroen Bruls and Krijn Christiaansen is something completely different. To stimulate social interaction in this brand-new neighborhood, the two designers came up with a totally new object with different functions. This steel object is simultaneously a fence, a bicycle rack and a bicycle pump all in one. Five copies were produced for 'Art at Home'. Their design was awarded the prestigious Dutch Design Award in 2006.

Follow the road, before the shopping center turn the left, turn right on Rijswijkse Landingslaan.

Milou van Ham, Van betovering tot wanneer , 2003

Where the runways of Ypenburg Airport once were, there is now a wide zone with a tram track, water with greenery and roads. Milou van Ham placed 32 retaining walls here over a length of 2.5 kilometers. Since language is the material she works with, she applied various words about time, love, color and detail in the concrete. Cycling along these words, a story automatically arises in your head.

Cross at the Frits Diepenlaan. Follow the road on other side until you get to a hill with skate park.

Huang Yong Ping, Ling Zhi Helicopters , 2020

As if they landed like this. Three giant mushrooms with a helicopter blade on each hat. French-Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping took the special Ling Zhi mushroom as the starting point for his eye-catcher in Ypenburg. Ling Zhi is a symbol for eternal life in China. These mushrooms have no roots, making them portable. Just as migrants, like the artist himself. In this new residential area, the Ling Zhi Helicopters refer both to the past and the present.

Turn around and bike back a bit. Turn right at the Van Essendijk, left at Sandersdijk, at the end of the street turn right into Van Campenstraat, left before the bridge.

Arja van den Berg, Meermin van de velden , 2005-2008

A woman's face stares at you from the corner of the wooden house on the Stiemersvaart. Her head is surrounded by shells. There used to be a beach where the Vinex district of Ypenburg is now located. With this ceramic corner relief Arja van den Berg wants to recall that past. This 'Mermaid of the Fields' pops up in variety of color schemes across the neighborhood.

A little bit back across the bridge. Immediately turn left along the water, turn right over the next little bridge, via Marinestraat turn left onto Henricuskade.

Douwe Halbertsma, Slappe Zwanen , 2005-2008

At several houses on Henricuskade you can see birds curiously that watch passers-by from the eaves or a shed. It's a comical sight all those concrete friends hanging out so relaxed. No fewer than 54 'Lip Swans' by Douwe Halbertsma can be spotted in Ypenburg. These works of art are also part of 'Art at Home'.

First cycle path on the right, after the water turn right again, at Middelweg turn left. Turn left into the Berkenbroeklaan. Continue to no. 47.

Tom Claassen, Yp , 2005-2008

Unlike the 'Blue Tit' on the corner house across the street, this tiny bird is easy to miss. The dark animal is sitting next to the flagpole. Made especially for Ypenburg, this work soon got the nickname 'Yp'. Sculptor Tom Claassen is known for all his simple-looking animal and human figures. Monumental in size or small, the sophisticated details and feeling for material make his sculptures both cuddly and endearing.

Follow the road, turn left on the Bitterzoet (cycling) path. Then turn left on Rijswijkse Waterweg, first bridge on the right and drive down the Böttgerwater to a large lawn on the right.

Dirk Bus, Monument Grenadiers en Jagers , 1951

The oldest work of art in this district is located on the water. Originally made for the Hofweg, this monument moved to the Johan de Wittlaan (near the Catshuis) in 1964. It has been here in Ypenburg since 2021. In fact, it is much mor appropriated in this Vinex district. After all, these soldiers fought at Ypenburg Airport in May 1940. Sculptor Dirk Bus created a classical tribute to them.

Walk via the small bridge to the Rijswijkse Landingslaan. Turn right and bike back to the starting point.