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Bike ride through anniversary Leidschenveen-Ypenburg online
Starting Friday, Oct. 21, a new bike route will be available for free download from the website Outdoor Art The Hague ( The twentieth anniversary of Vinex neighborhood Leidschenveen-Ypenburg prompted this exploration. At the start of this district, the big question was: how do you get soul into a brand-new residential area? Art was given ample opportunity to create that soul. That is why so many special works of art can be seen here now: a small chapel on a mound, a whole swarm of bird heads on eaves and facades, not to mention three giant mushrooms with helicopter blades. Enough reason to discover all that beauty in one's own neighborhood or city. Foreign visitors even come to the neighborhood especially for it!

The Terp, Dennis Lohuis and Laurens Kolk, 2009

Unique to the Netherlands is the Art at Home project in Ypenburg. Residents of this neighborhood could choose a free work of art to be placed on or attached to their homes in 2005. Eight artists created a work of art in an edition. In two 'swarms' the works of art landed right acrossYpenburg. Today more than 200 houses offer a place for art. Highly visible from the street and, when moving house, they are not allowed to move.
With Art in the Vinex you cycle past all these exciting smaller and monumental works of art while getting an impression of the enormous diversity of houses, neighborhoods and atmospheres in Leidschenveen and Ypenburg. Get on your bike and be surprised by Vinex and art!
Via the website is the bike tour available to everyone for free. You can follow the route digitally on your mobile phone. Or print a map with route yourself before departure. There is a pdf on the site for downloading. The route is also bilingual (NL/EN).
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Since the summer of 2021, the website has offered comprehensive information about all the artworks on the streets of the city of The Hague. With the counter at over 550 images, almost all outdoor artworks from all districts of the city can now be found on the site.This number is still growing, thanks in part to the help of the public.
Stroom The Hague launched the website on behalf of the municipality and will take care of both the management and the program in the coming years. To introduce more people to the wealth of outdoor art in The Hague, Stroom is developing a series of walking and cycling routes, among other things. City Center StrollAround Zuiderpark and Bike route Reconstruction Art Escamp its launched earlier.