Phil van de Klundert

Place of birth

Den Haag

Year of birth




Artworks BKDH

Tonnenmonument, 1979

They are ready for immediate use. At least, that is how the piled up herring barrels on the windy embankment on the corner of the Dr. Lelykade and the Dr. Lelykade [...]

Kunstfruit, 1975

This banana doesn't bite so deliciously. And so did the orange, the pear, the apple, a bunch of grapes and a tomato. Just...

Ritme, 1981

Stainless steel. Geometric shapes. Three sterile boxes, high and narrow with a curved and closed top stand in front of the Cor Emousschool on Twickelstraat. The [...]

De drie zuilen, 1981

Compared to the modest concrete 'Knoop' by Phil van de Klundert that was placed in 1979 at the neighbourhood and service centre at the Laakweg, [...].