Peter van der Meer

Place of birth

Den Haag

Year of birth




Artworks BKDH

Meisje, 1987

Clown, 1985 en 2011

Effortlessly, he keeps three balls in the air at once. This jolly clown is not only in for a joke, he can still juggle [...].

Meisje op skippybal, 1983

Peter van der Meer lived and worked in The Hague, La Spezia and Carrara, among other places. Art lovers who know the Italian place names La Spezia, [...]

Meisje met fiets, 1978

"Girl on skippy ball. Mother and child. "Girl with bike". These titles of bronze sculptures he made for The Hague leave no room for misunderstanding [...].

Moeder en kind, 1984

Wrong image' headed the Haagse Courant of 28 February 1984. The message reported an error. Two weeks earlier it had been published that there [...]

Kangoeroestoel 2, 1981

A sculptor' was called artist Peter van der Meer. With thick slabs of clay he formed his female figures and animal figures. Also typical are his acrobatic [...]