Peter Kortekaas

Place of birth

Den Haag

Year of birth


Artworks BKDH

Voetbalkeeper, 1983

Caught in the act' is a well-known English expression. In Dutch, it could be translated as 'caught in the moment of full action'.

Ram, 1983

Proud and stubborn, he looks ahead. As if the ram in the Zuiderpark stubbornly wants to say: 'I stand here and go for nothing and ....

Pitcher, 1986

A frozen moment, just before he'll throw. The pitcher balances on the toes of his right foot. Lifts the left knee. Bends the head. Curves the [...]

Beeldend kunstenaar, 1983

He stands on the square in front of PePijn Theatre in Nieuwe Schoolstraat. Map with work under his arm, hat on his head, hands in his pockets, [...]

Tors, 1984

Just as the Impressionists recorded their surroundings at the end of the 19th century as if they wanted to capture the elusive light in paint, so are the bronze statues of Peter [...].