Lon Pennock

Place of birth

Den Haag

Year of birth




Artworks BKDH

Object, 1972

Although he enjoys drawing and making collages, Lon Pennock primarily manifests himself as a sculptor. In his hometown of The Hague, several sculptures underline the [...]

Balance of Sheets, 1977

Although he also exhibited drawings and collages from time to time, Lon Pennock was primarily known as a sculptor who made small sculptures for the interior, but also for the [...].

L’Homme, 1973

Sometimes they are modest and barely noticeable, sometimes they inescapably claim the attention of passers-by. These are the images of Lon Pennock. In [...]

Boom, 1972

The monograph of his work*, which came out in 2004, opens with a revealing quote from Lon Pennock himself: 'My sculptures are about sculpture. It [...]

Sheet with frame, 1987

A seemingly simple image: a frame resting on a pillar. The slightest sigh would tilt the frame if it were not welded in place.

Intersection, 1981

On Ockenburghstraat there are two uniform, metre-high rectangles: one rests on the ground, the other 'floats' and is connected with a rib to the [...].

Intersection, 1996

The forms that occur in the world - the monumental shape of an airplane, the basalt blocks of a pier or of a bridge construction [...].