Bram Roth

Place of birth

Den Haag

Year of birth




Artworks BKDH

Gevelbeelden stadhuis, 1953

Taut and white: this is how a new city hall arose on the Spui in the 1990s. The contrast with the previous 'new' town hall from [...] could not be greater.

Tweezijdig reliëf, 1988

Many artists are averse to it, either early retirement or retirement. They work hard, driven as they are. The same was true of sculptor Bram Roth, who [...]

Vrouw en man, 1964

Does the man ask the woman to dance, or is this just a couple gaily chatting? When the statue "Woman and ...

Liggende vrouw, 1984

Sculptor Bram Roth was of the opinion that his art should transcend nature. This is evident from a statement he made in 1986: 'My work, [...]

Moeder met kind en poppenwagen, 1962

Yeah, I like them. ...I like girls and women, whether they're old or young. I like my granddaughter when [...]

Twee vrouwen met parasol, 1962

His work is seldom as stylised as 'Two women with parasols'. Trained by Bon Ingen Housz (1881-1953) and Albert Termote (1887-1978), sculptor Bram Roth [...] came to [...].

Stedemaagd, 1953

Originally this lady sat at the top of the stairs at the entrance of the former town hall on the Mayor De Monchyplein. With her left hand leaning on the [...]

Flora, (1969) 1978

"I once, for fun, modelled an image of a ship with a lady. Now there's a commission for Kijkduin and then I think...

Twee vrouwen en kind op bank, 1961

With his sculptures and his membership of artist group Verve, Bram Roth has certainly contributed to the new élan within the visual arts in The Hague after the [...]

Amazone, 1960

In 1951 he signed the founding manifesto. As a result, sculptor Bram Roth became a member of the artist group Verve (1951-1957). The group of fifteen painters and five sculptors [...].