Berry Holslag

Place of birth

Den Haag

Year of birth


Artworks BKDH

Binck Twins, 2004

They are located between the many business premises on the Binckhorst industrial estate: the 'Binck Twins'. There, they mark the entrance to the multifunctional office and business park of the same name.

Vier tegeltableaus, 1982

Because I think they are very beautiful and because they are timeless', was the reason for artist Berry Holslag to use ancient Greek vase paintings as an example for his [...]

Reconstructie Teniersstraat, 1987

I was captivated by that picture,' read the headline in the 'Haagsche Courant' of 15 September 1987. The newspaper spoke to sculptor Berry Holslag about the creation of the [...]

Het Gesprek, 1980

Hardly anyone who visits the Westbroekpark misses 'Het Gesprek'. At the restaurant on the edge of the terrace is a small table with two [...]

Wachters, 1988

Sometimes visual art seems very understandable, recognizable and obvious, but usually there is more to it than people at first [...].

The Observer, 1994

The formal language of Berry Holslag's ceramic figures fits in seamlessly with the leading visual language of the 1980s, in which [...]

Honkbalvanger, 1977

One hand up and with the mask in front of the face. In this way, the colorfully dressed baseball player guards the goal that is on the wall of the Archipelago [...].