Rein Draijer

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Afgeknotte boom, 1966

The truncated tree by Rein Draijer, which was placed in 1979 in the public garden in front of the then Thorbecke Comprehensive School, makes it clear at a glance that the [...].

Schelpen, 1967

In various publications about his life and work, Rein Draijer is portrayed as a prominent artist who has mastered three totally different disciplines, and who has thus [...]

Doosvrucht, 1980

With a diameter of only 35 centimetres, Rein Draijer's bronze sculpture 'Doosvrucht' is not large. Yet it is precisely this sculpture in the bushes of [...]

Schoven I, 1957

In 1956 the painter modelled a head, a self-portrait, which he called 'old-fashioned and conservative'. A year later, the bronze 'Schoven I' was able to add the touch [...].