Pim van der Maas

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Ritmische zuil, 1976

The stainless steel sculpture 'Rhythmic column' from 1976 fits in the tradition of constructivism. It is an abstract construction in a strict geometric language of form, where [...]

Duo, 1978

Pim van der Maas is a real sculptor. He carefully constructs solid objects that look fragile and playful. The sculptures that he specially [...]

Landschapsconstructie, 1981

Two sculptures by Pim van der Maas have been placed in the Melis Stoke Park. Both stainless steel objects underline the sculptor's preference for manifestation [...].

Compositie, 1968

If it were the notes of a piece of music, it would be a modern score: an apparent cacophony of sharp sounds. The image 'Composition' [...]

Uilebomen, 1988

His works of art are usually not the representation of something recognizable. It doesn't represent but it expresses,' he once said about one of his works.