Marian Gobius

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Reliƫfs, 1951

Bunny hunting, flying kites, playing with balls and puppets: you can't think of anything more appropriate for a school. No wonder that the artists Leen [...]

Stijkelmonument, 1953

The head is bowed and the palms of the spread arms are turned outwards. In this way, the kneeling, naked male figure expresses intense emotions of powerlessness and vulnerability [...].

Flora, 1945

Whoever keeps what, has what. Fortunately, Marian Gobius had not discarded the model of her sandstone sculpture 'Flora' after years. And that came very [...]

Kind met vogeldrinkbak, 1940

Idyllic and unspoiled. These are characteristics that fit perfectly with the statue 'Child with a bird trough' that stands between the vegetation of the Papaverhof's park [...].

Dynamisch-Contemplatief, 1948

At the age of eighty she took an active part in the cultural life of Voorburg. Sculptor Marian Gobius stood as co-founder and volunteer Museum Swaensteyn with advice [...].