Ingrid Rollema

Place of birth

Den Haag

Year of birth


Artworks BKDH

Weer- of geen-weerwolf, 1994

You can almost hear him crying. Standing upright on his hind legs and wrapped in sheepskin, a wolf-like figure howls at all the residents of the Pander Complex.

Stokvis, 1985

Working with bronze has taken on a special dimension for Ingrid Rollema. While many colleagues restrict themselves to handing in a wax model at the bronze caster, [...]

Adriana Wereldwijf, 1984

She walked in front of me in the Wagenstraat', says sculptor Ingrid Rollema in Het Binnenhof on 29 May 1982. A lady shopping with large earrings by [...].

Paalzitter, 1985

Ingrid Rollema has enriched The Hague with a number of remarkable human figures and imaginative creatures. The broadly smiling pole chair in the Pietermanstraat is one of them.