Ferry Simonis

Place of birth

Den Haag

Year of birth


Artworks BKDH

Zonder titel (Aerobic cubism), 1989

A series of light-blue cubes decorate the central reservation of the Reigersbergenweg. The maker, Ferry Simonis, grew up in Mariahoeve. This post-war neighbourhood was built according to the [...]

Verschuiving naar links 1, 1986

In The Hague, two versions of Ferry Simonis' 'Shift to the left' can be found: sculptures that were acquired within the framework of the BKR scheme. One version on [...]

Aerobic cubism IV, 1990

That the Hague sculptor Ferry Simonis was originally an etcher can be seen in his sculpture that has been in the garden of Noordeinde Palace since 1990.

Verschuiving naar links 1, 1988

As a result of the busy intersection with pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, traffic signs, flash unit and electrical box, lampposts and advertising panel, the steel object 'Shift to the left 1' stands out [...].