Dirk Bus

Place of birth

Den Haag

Year of birth




Artworks BKDH

Waakzaamheid, Vrede, Oorlog en Bescherming, 1953-1955

It is easy to walk past them. Four statues on metre-high hexagonal pillars. They are two men and two women, naked or almost naked, around 1954 [...].

Personificatie van de elektriciteit, 1942

At first glance, the statue standing in front of the transformer house on Van Diepenburchstraat looks like a hero from the [...].

Reliƫf met man, vrouw, waterstraal en wasbekken, 1941

When the bathhouse on Escamplaan opened its doors in February 1942, it was still under construction. Because of the bitterly cold war winter, many people visited public wash houses.

Gezins- en kinderverzorgster, 1957

Dirk Bus lived and worked in The Hague for most of his life. Only during his advanced training at the Rijksakademie did he live in Amsterdam. Besides working at [...]

Gevelbeelden stadhuis, 1953

Taut and white: this is how a new city hall arose on the Spui in the 1990s. The contrast with the previous 'new' town hall from [...] could not be greater.

Ezel, koe, eland en paard, 1931 en 1936

The bridges in the court town are well endowed with sculpture. Following in the footsteps of Amsterdam, The Hague also had many bridges decorated. Many commissions were given by the [...]

Vrouw, 1965

Almost all body parts are shown. Except the arms. That is why the bronze sculpture 'Woman' from 1965 by the Hague sculptor Dirk Bus is allowed to become a torso [...].

Sweelinck-monument, 1962

Amongst all the monuments, which commemorate historical events and pay tribute to people such as Descartes, Johan de Witt, Eline Vere, there is also a memorial [...].

Europa, 1965

With one hand a half-naked woman is holding on to one of the horns of the bull on which she is sitting. Her feet float through the [...]

Monument Grenadiers en Jagers, 1951

Dirk Bus made his debut in the early thirties in the art cellar ''t Center''. In the Nieuwe Courant of 8 April 1950 the sculptor from The Hague refers to this exhibition, [...].