Auke de Vries

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Zonder titel, 1984

The seed for his sculpture lies in the Negev desert. Auke de Vries started making metal constructions there. They were not intended as independent works of art. With [...]

Zonder titel, 2003

The sculpture that the (inter)nationally known artist from The Hague, Auke de Vries, designed for Churchill Square consists of three elements that emerge from the water of the [...].

Zonder titel, 1986

While waiting for the train to Leiden and Amsterdam at NS station Hollands Spoor, you are immediately confronted with an image that you can't ignore: the elongated square with its [...]

Chapeau, 2006

Auke de Vries has designed several sculptures that have been given a permanent place in the public space of his hometown The Hague. His sculptures see [...]

Zonder titel, 1994

It is often said that the (inter)nationally known sculptor Auke de Vries is originally a graphic artist and draughtsman. In order to make a link with his [...]