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301 steps (daylight/tungsten), 1998

Strange. On the Schenkkade, near the Siemens building, there is no ordinary light at night. It is blue. A closer look also reveals that [...]

Nonsite Outside Territor – Floating Point, 1998

On the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the city of The Hague in 1998, the Nederlandse Waterschapsbank donated the Floating Point artwork by Arno [...] to the municipality.

Zeven bewerkte keien, 1982

Along the waterfront in neighborhood park 't Kleine Hout are seven boulders. It looks like a composition of ordinary stones determined by fate. Up close it appears [...]

Drie zuilen, afgedekt door een schijf, 1986

On top of a large disc is a bronze egg. The disc is carried by three natural stone pillars. The pillars are tapered and have a skin [...].

Vier bewerkte keien, 1982

They're puzzling. Four boulders: each on its own circular, stone slab in the grass. Uncanny, because the sculpture makes passers-by guess at the meaning.