André van Lier

Place of birth

Den Haag

Year of birth


Artworks BKDH

Discuswerper, 1994

Anyone driving on the Finnenburg toward Mariahoeve Station in The Hague will see a meter-high bright blue arch on which a silver [...]

Balk zonder einde, 1978

In his sculptures, André van Lier is constantly looking for forms that possess or enter into a relationship with architecture. The sculpture 'Balcony without end' from [...]

Pressed circles, 1980

André van Lier has earned his spurs in The Hague. And he is proud of that. His plastics can be found at various important locations. Who via [...]

Roadline, 1978

"Red Knot", "Paper clip", "Scissors". Numerous names have been given to this giant at the junction Schenkviaduct-Utrechtsebaan. The red steel tube, which at about 12 metres [...]

Bank, 1988

A bench made of nothing more than a curved sheet of stainless steel and two planks of meranti wood. This is typical of André van [...]